Which appliances should have a dedicated circuit?

When people are renovating or buying a new house, one of the common concerns that they have is ensuring that all of their appliances have sufficient electrical power to run smoothly without interruption. If a circuit is trying to supply the power needs for too many different appliances, it will give you problems, likely causing tripped breakers. Therefore, appliances with larger power needs ought to have their own dedicated circuits. Here are a few of the major appliances which need a dedicated circuit (a circuit that supplies only that appliance), as well as a list of some other appliances which you should consider installing dedicated circuits for.

Many of the major home appliances need a dedicated circuit. If your appliance is on this list, it should definitely have its own circuit.

  1. Refrigerator
  2. Freezer
  3. Washer
  4. Dryer
  5. Electric Oven
  6. Water Heater
  7. HVAC
  8. Dishwasher
  9. Microwave
  10. Jacuzzis
  11. Garage Doors
  12. Garbage Disposals


If an appliance with high electrical consumption does not have a dedicated circuit, you have several risks. If circuit breakers trip frequently, they can become worn out and non functional. This means that the high load on them will not be stopped, causing heat buildup. Heat buildup can cause all manner of problems, particularly fire. Aside from needing a dedicated circuit, an experienced electrician will design circuit for the loads they need to handle. So just because something has a dedicated circuit, it doesn’t mean that you could switch appliances around without rewiring. If the dedicated circuits do not supply sufficient current, it will be no better than using an overloaded circuit.

Therefore, when installing appliances and other items with a large electrical pull, make sure that your wiring is sufficient for the task. Employing an electrician is one of those things that will quickly pay for itself in avoided headaches, let alone the risk of fire or property damage.

If you frequently use any equipment that has high electrical needs, such as saws, compressors, or other tools, it is good to have a strong dedicated circuit where you can plug them in. That way, when working on a project, you will have additional options when looking for circuits that can handle increased electrical needs.

In conclusion, if your circuit breakers are tripping frequently, or you will be installing or moving major appliances, it is worth the time to call an electrician to take care of the work.

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