Where We’ve Been… and Where We’re Going!

“Electricity seems destined to play a most important part in the arts and industries. The question of its economical application to some purposes is still unsettled, but experiment has already proved that it will propel a street car better than gas.” ~ Ambrose Bierce
My how times have changed since Bierce’s contemplation over the usefulness of electricity in the early 1900s. While Ben Franklin is infinitely famous for his key´╗┐-on-a-kite experiment, the process by which electrical energy has been acknowledged, explored, and harnessed has not followed a very direct path. Check out this link for a brief history of electrical “discoveries” and inventions: http://www.thehistoricalarchive.com/happenings/the-history-of-electricity-a-timeline/
The truth is, our understanding of electricity, energy, and how to generate these essential elements of our modern daily life is constantly evolving. We’re very excited to announce that one of our lead electricians will soon achieve certification in solar installation! This is very exciting for us at Bray Electrical, and we can’t wait to offer this new service to our customers.
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