Wedding Preparation: Electrical Needs

If you are planning a wedding, then we feel your excitement along with your pain. It is so hard to think of EVERYTHING! You’ve got the dress, the vows, the officiant…it is never-ending. Your musicians are set up, and you have a deejay for their breaks or for announcements. You have checked everything off your list.

This is not to worry you. You may think of everything, but don’t forget that much of your ceremony and reception will likely rely on electricity! One of the last-minute things that wedding couples often forget about is making sure there are enough outlets to cover the needs of the event.

This list may not cover everything, but it is a good start at thinking about what you will need when it comes to the entertainment and décor of your event. You may even need the help of a qualified electrician to make sure electricity reaches to the places you need it. At the very least, this list will help you budget or adjust to meet your electrical needs.

  1. Lighting:

The lighting at a wedding can be as astronomic or minimal as you please, and there are benefits to both. However, when you think about how far lights must reach to be enough to light outdoor settings, it can get a little out of hand. LED lights have made the limits on lighting very minimal, but you still have to be able to reach your target.

For example, if you are getting married under an arbor in an outdoor setting and need it to be lit, extension cords may be a requirement. In very rustic situations, you may have to have a generator. These things must be pre-planned. Nobody wants to head to the hardware store for an extension cord or, even worse, a generator on your wedding day. It causes stress to everyone involved in the big day.

  1. Music:

Even if you’ve hired a band, they may expect that you’ve already got the electricity component handled. The band typically plays near the dance floor, but the dance floor may be far away from any buildings with electricity.

Check with your band to see how much electricity they require to run as loud as they need to play. Sub woofers and amps can draw a significant amount of electricity, so you may need to ask your venue to provide extra electrical services.

  1. Mic:

You may not be putting a lot of music outside of your venue, but you may still have microphone needs outside of the venue. This will not require a lot of extra electricity, but it may require some because you’ll also need speakers. This thought is more of an issue because you need cords long enough to reach.

Don’t think extended lengths are necessary for microphones? Think about walking room for your speakers. Think about where the ceremony will take place. It may not be an issue, but it is something to think about.

  1. Fog:

Are you having special effects for photography, the ceremony, or the reception? Fog machines are typically placed out of the hindrance of the band and the passerby. They need to not be a tripping hazard. This probably only entails and extension cord, but do you have enough?

  1. Bubbles:

Bubbles are kind of like fog machines, but they may be even further away. Sometimes they are way out of the way, so kids can play instead of co-mingling with the adults. This is not a huge thing to think about, but again, do you have enough extension cords?

  1. Food warmers:

When it comes to warming food, it can easily be done without electricity. They make little lanterns specifically made for food trays. Your caterer may not feel the same. Check with your caterer to make sure they don’t need electricity for their food handling. Honestly, they should be asking you, but just to make sure…

  1. Outdoor heaters:

Most outdoor heaters for venues such as weddings are gas-powered, but they can be electric. Anything with heat that is electric should be a special consideration when applied to an event with a large electrical demand. You don’t want to go tripping breakers on the day of the wedding.

A lot of the energy demands in a wedding are covered by venues, but many people are looking to save money by making their own venues at people’s houses or in other natural settings. This is amazing, and there is nothing like a unique venue to share your love for one another. There is also nothing worse than not meeting your electrical demands during this day.

Maybe you are more focused on the natural setting and acoustic music. It doesn’t matter. You cannot rely on candlelight outdoors, and nobody will be able to hear you without a sound system. In the rare occasion, there could be an electricity-free event, but that is rare. For the typical wedding event, there needs to be electricity in the right places, and only proper planning can get it there.

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