Ways to Save Energy on your Electric Bill

One of the most common concerns that homeowners have when looking to improve their housing is to find ways in which they can save on their electric bill. Here are three big tips to help you save some power, as well as a few guidelines on which appliances you should avoid when you can.

One of the biggest wastes of power in modern homes is the practice of leaving electronic devices on standby or off, but still supplying them with power. Many of these machines still continuously drain power while turned off, meaning that over years plugged in they can take absurd amounts of power.  Therefore, if you have these devices (computers, televisions, movie players), get in the habit of turning them off and then unplugging them, or switching their surge protector to off when they are not in use. Over time, this can save you lots of electricity.

Second, have an electrician inspect your appliances. One of the great things about technological improvements is that they often help to make our appliances more energy efficient. If you have an older model appliance, it is possible that it is an energy guzzler. And there are sometimes incentives to buy a new greener model. If you do the math, it might be worth it to install a newer one! Saving money and getting a new appliance at the same time could be a very nice surprise.

Finally, there are electrical tools which will help you save money. One example of this Is non-binary light switches. If a light switch only has two functions, on and off, you do not have the freedom of deciding how much light you need. If you only need a little, you will still end up using the full power taken by the circuit. However, if you install adjustable switches, you can choose from a variety of different light settings. Installing fans can also help you to save money, by enabling you to get by with less use of the energy hungry air conditioning.

Aside from electrical tips, you can also look for ways to forego normal electrical systems. Hanging clothes out to dry, finding alternatives to AC, and installing better insulation in your house are all ways to help you use less energy in a given quarter. And at the end of the day, every way you find to save some money will help you feel better.

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