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How to Troubleshoot an Unusually High Electric Bill

Although everyone expects electric bill costs to rise as the temperature falls, sometimes homeowners are surprised by a large electric bill. In some cases, the rise in cost is a result of an increasing price per kWh (kilowatt-hour). Energy prices do rise pretty regularly. However, homeowners should note if the number of kWh in the

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Posted On Mar 28, 2017

Is your House giving Hints that it’s Time for an Electrical Wiring Upgrade?

When your clothes dryer starts to deteriorate, it’s pretty obvious. Your clothes are not dried properly or the mechanism stops spinning. However, when your home wiring begins to deteriorate, it’s not immediately obvious. The wiring is hidden behind the walls for safety and convenience. It’s not easy to inspect or troubleshoot. Instead, homeowners can keep

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Posted On Mar 22, 2017

Upgrade your Rooms with Dramatic but Functional Lighting

Although many homeowners get by with overheard ambient lighting only, the American Lighting Association recommends the installation of three different types of lighting. Properly lighting a home becomes more important as homeowners grow older. A 60-year old requires twice as much light as a 30-year old, according to the American Lighting Association. To maximize the

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Posted On Mar 18, 2017

Repair Cracked Outlet Cover Plates

Did you know that those thin plastic outlet cover plates are actually a safety device? When the cover plates are broken or removed, some wires are exposed. Even though plugging in a device is typically 100% safe, exposed wires can pose a danger. Cover plates hide these wires so that you can’t accidentally touch them.

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Posted On Mar 08, 2017

Do-it-yourself Project or Professional Electrician?

When an electrical problem arises, often people ask “can I fix it myself?” With the amount of information available on the internet, it’s tempting for home and business owners to fix their own problems rather than spend money on an electrician. The answer is available in YouTube video somewhere. However, in some cases, do-it-yourself electrical

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Posted On Feb 24, 2017