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Financing your Conversion to Solar Power

Nearly one year ago, the cumulative number of U.S. solar installations broke one million, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Solar is accounting for a large portion of new electricity generating technology. 64% of new energy generating capacity in the first quarter of 2016 was solar energy. Many homeowners are adopting this rapidly growing

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Posted On Mar 15, 2017

Do-it-yourself Project or Professional Electrician?

When an electrical problem arises, often people ask “can I fix it myself?” With the amount of information available on the internet, it’s tempting for home and business owners to fix their own problems rather than spend money on an electrician. The answer is available in YouTube video somewhere. However, in some cases, do-it-yourself electrical

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Posted On Feb 24, 2017

A New Way to Choose Lightbulbs

Twenty years ago, a customer walking into a home store would have an easy time selecting a lightbulb. The only options were incandescent bulbs, and the key was to match the wattage of the burned out bulb and the new bulb. Customers looking to replace light bulbs today are confronted by a barrage of options.

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Posted On Feb 17, 2017