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Residential Surge Protection

Surge protection is one of the main safeguards we use to defend against the fluctuations in electricity. Luckily, the skilled electricians at Bray Electrical Services are ready to help with surge protection installation.

Electricity is a powerful force of nature, and of course it can be a powerful force for good if we harness it correctly. The careful, regulated supply of electricity to our homes and businesses has benefited our society in more ways than we can list here. However, it is important to recognize that the supply of electricity to domestic and commercial buildings is not perfectly steady and unchanging, and this can bring about some real challenges.

With an installed surge protector, you don't need to worry about plugging in other devices, and you can use any outlet in the house without the fear of the consequences. This simple investment could save you dearly in the long run.

Firstly, you need to recognize the complexity of the grid that supplies our electricity. The grid is an engineering monster, consisting of hundreds of thousands of different lines, branches, connections and devices, linking points of electricity demand and points of electricity supply. With such inherent complexity it is not surprise that electricity fluctuations can occur expectantly at times. This is why we need to have adequate surge protection measures installed in our houses.

A.C electricity is supposed to be supplied to US homes at a consistent frequency and voltage. However, sometimes unexpected events in one part of the grid (such as a fallen power line or a faulty connection) can have knock-on effects on other parts of the system. This can cause unpredictable power surges' in the cables leading to the devices in our homes.

You might wonder, what is the problem with this. Well, many of the high-tech, microprocessor installed devices that we take for granted today (such as phones, laptops and tablets) are not designed to handle large amounts of power. Therefore, such transients can damage the circuitry and cause some very expensive collateral damage. But if we are simply at the whim of great unknown forces and events in the grid, then how can we protect against power surges?

That's a very valid question.

Many people try to address the issue themselves by installing power surge adapters at their electricity outlets. These are very simple devices that simply plug into the wall, much like a extension lead. They serve a very simple purpose. In the event of a power surge, the device will detect the rise and will act like a switch, cutting off the power to the device which is plugged into it. This cheap and easily installed piece of kit could therefore save your expensive computer from a nasty shock.

However, plug in power surge protectors are not necessarily the best (or only) way of protecting against fluctuations in the power supply. The trained electricians at Bray Electrical Services can bring your defense to the next level and complete surge protection installation. That's because a qualified electrician will be able to install a surge protector at the interface between your home's cables and the outside grid. This goes right to the root of the problem. This means that if the device registers a rise in power, it will limit the power supply to your house, to protect any plugged in devices from damage.

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