Stepping Up Outdoor Security

In the shorter days of winter, there is still a lot going on after dark. People are walking dogs, checking the mailbox, coming home from work, going for a run, etc. That level of normal activity after dark can mask the presence of strangers in the neighborhood.

If stepping up security is on your to-do list, there’s no better time to do it. We can walk you through the options, ensure a proper power supply, and complete the installation of any combination of lights and cameras to fit your needs.

Flood Lights
One of the best ways to deter criminals is by having a well-lit property. Especially when entering or leaving your home, you’ll be safer when your surroundings are visible. You don’t want to be surprised by a coyote any more than you want to miss someone lurking in the shadows. And, don’t forget about the garden hose you’d rather not trip over!

Flood lights can be programmed to your preferences, whether you want them to stay on from dusk to dawn, or just come on for a designated number of minutes when the sensor picks up movement. There is a considerable difference between driving up to your home in the dark and driving up to your home and having flood lights illuminate the area until you get safely inside.

Security Cameras
Potential home invaders or package thieves rely on the element of surprise. Having exterior cameras can make them think twice about making your home their next target. Ring™ doorbell cameras are just one option, but the fact that they are so highly recognizable means the person at the door knows that you may be watching or listening. Ring and most other modern security cameras allow you to monitor your home from anywhere using your mobile phone. Some more elaborate systems combine cameras with motion-detection lights that can all be controlled from a single app.

Landscape Lighting
While your main line of defense is flood lighting and security cameras, landscape accents can add even more light while dressing up your property. If you’ve always wanted a yard with ambiance but need some assistance with the outdoor wiring, we can help. We install lamp posts, path lights, submersible lights, recessed step lights, doorway sconces, and more.
If you’d like one of our electricians to come out and let you know what it would take to enhance your home security or curb appeal, just give us a call!

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