Electrical Services for Renovation and Remodeling

Ready for a repair or upgrade to your home?

When you are ready to renovate or remodel your residential home or commercial property, BRAY Electrical Services is your go-to source for superb rewiring, add-ons, and upgrades. You cannot complete a kitchen, bathroom, or other remodel without help from a qualified and competent team of electricians. You need quality electrical services to maintain your safety, ensure the integrity of your property, and to make your new space as beautiful and functional as possible. Consider BRAY Electrical Services for your electrical renovations and remodels in Georgia.

Electrical Services We Provide

During a renovation, you will likely encounter a wide range of electrical needs and puzzles to solve. From installing modern light fixtures to rewiring a kitchen, there are many reasons you may need an electrical contractor. BRAY Electrical Services has 70 years of combined experience with residential and commercial remodels. We know exactly what to expect and how to help. We’ll work with you to come up with the ideal electrical design and layout, showing you the plans for approval before starting on any work. We make the entire process a breeze, offering services such as:

• New light fixture and ceiling fan installation
• Power usage assistance
• TV, cable, and satellite installation
• Telephone installation
• Data, networking, Internet installation
• Home theater installation
• Upgrades to older electrical systems
• More reliable power for new appliances and technologies
• Upgrade services to support modern power usage
• Add/move outlets and light switches
• Ensure proper grounding for electrical outlets
• Circuit breaker installation
• Outdoor lighting installation

We have worked on several older Southern homes in GA that were in desperate need of an electrical upgrade. Failure to upgrade electrical wiring during a renovation in an older home can lead to deadly house fires and terrible property damage. Always call a professional electrician to inspect old wires, make replacements, and handle new installations as necessary. Keep your property safe and energy efficient.

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It’s important to spend as much time, effort, and planning on the electrical side of a renovation as the rest of your services. Without efficient electrical design and smart installation, your upgrade can become a downgrade.

At BRAY Electrical Services, we’re just as excited to get started on a renovation, remodel, or upgrade as you are. Give us a shout via our online form, email, or phone call to (404) 378-1212 to set up your appointment for a house inspection, free estimates on installations, and general electrical services.

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