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Outdoor Wiring

Outdoor Wiring

At Bray Electrical Services, we deliver licensed, fast landscape, and outdoor wiring needs for homeowners, landlords, and commercial properties. We are located in Decatur Georgia and our services include all phases of landscape and outdoor wiring. We have the best electricians in the industry who are well-equipped with the latest technology. Bray professionals are fast, reliable, and efficient in their services. We will handle all your needs from installations, repairs, maintenance, and remodeling of your landscape. We pride in keeping a close relationship with our customers and would be glad to offer you our proposal for future services. Below are some services we specialize in:

Homeowner’s landscape and outdoor wiring

Bray Electrical Services qualified electricians can put for you incredible lighting to bring newness in your yard. You will have lighted walk paths and glowing plants. You have enough light to stroll around your property or you can view it from the back. Choose our experts to install for you an incredible landscape lighting. Do not try doing the lighting for yourself as it is risky unless you’re a qualified and licensed electrician.

Commercial Property landscape and outdoor wiring

It is important that since your business relies on power, you get the most durable and powerful equipment to sustain the power. Avoid letting your business suffer because of power failure or substandard appliances. Your Commercial Property Manager should ensure that the wiring is done by experts who are well qualified and licensed. We have you covered for this at Bray Electrical Services. Our prices for landscape and outdoor wiring are quite friendly and always offer you a warranty for all our equipment. We will ensure that the installation is safely done and well maintained.

High Efficiency Outdoor Lighting

Apart from the installation of landscape and outdoor wiring, we also deal with upgrading for high-efficiency lighting. We can remodel your landscape and outdoor wiring again as per your requirements. The charges for remodeling are quite fair. We will make sure to engage in all safety measures of wearing gloves, masks, boots, and sanitize the tools because of COVID-19 for your protection as well as our electricians’ protection.

Bray electricians will be glad also replace any wiring or other electrical components for homeowners as well as commercial properties. Rewiring your property is a chance to relocate outlets and switches. You can upgrade your switches, light bulbs, and even change to modern fixtures and have a new looking home. Nobody hates a new good-looking home environment. It has a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Older appliances and wiring can be a hazard to your commercial as well as residential properties. Look for the experts at Bray to change out any older wiring. We can also offer you a maintenance contract at a very low rate. This will help you to make sure that your landscape and outdoor wiring is always in good order.

Our team is always ready for a routine check-up for our clients as well as offering any services you need. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information at Bray Electrical Service.

Posted On 22 Jun , 2020

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