Older Electrical Systems

If you have an older home, it is quite likely that your electrical system is showing its age. Whether you are dealing with unreliable outlets, flickering lights, or other problems, it is possible that your home is in dire need of an electrical upgrade. However, this can be daunting. If you are unable to financially commit to a full overhaul, there are still some things you can do to make your home safer and more valuable.

While electrical systems should always be upgraded completely for the safest environment, one thing in particular that older homes often struggle with is the amount of power that is consumed by modern electronic devices. Even homes that are just a few decades old have a good chance of being unable to keep up with the rapid proliferation of electronic hungry gadgets. Not only do our phones, computers, laptops, tablets, music players, and fitness devices require power, but reliable power can also increase the life of our household appliances.

There are two areas where modern electronics might struggle when dealing with older infrastructure and wiring. First, there might simply not be enough power provided. If the wiring is built with the expectation of a much more moderate use than we need today, we might simply not be able to pull enough power to our devices. If our devices are trying to pull more power than the system is built for, not only will they struggle, but you could end up with a fire. If a circuit overheats, a house fire is an unfortunately common result.

The second area where you might be in trouble is that older homes do not often have the amount of wiring necessary. Do you frequently use long daisy chains of surge protectors to try to plug everything in? It might not be that expensive to install a few extra outlets, although the price can vary wildly depending on the current work. Chaining together extension cords to get enough outlets can also be a fire risk, and will much more easily cause you to trip your circuit breakers.

Depending on the current wiring, you might be able to add in new outlets to a current circuit, or upgrade a circuit to be able to handle its current demands more easily. Either way, taking the time to call an electrician and have him evaluate your current system could save you from fire or help you understand what repairs will need to happen down the road.

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