Doing Landscaping? Don’t Forget Electrical!

Outdoor electrical work is something which is often not thought of very much. While we are in constant interaction with our indoor electrical system, our outdoor electrical components can sometimes escape our notice.

If you are doing landscaping on your home, it can be very worth it to invest in some small electrical upgrades. Because these usually do not require things like opening walls, they can be much cheaper than other electrical repairs, but can offer huge benefits. Ensuring that your house electrical infrastructure can support things like a sprinkler system, security cameras, outdoor illumination, and decorative fixtures such as fountains can greatly increase how attractive your house is.

Outdoor Lighting

If you are doing landscaping on your property such as planting small trees or bushes, creating floral displays, or just cleaning up the existing arrangement, you want it to be seen. Small outdoor lights can create a drastic difference in how a home appears at night. A dark, poorly illuminated home will be substantially less impressive than one with tasteful and subtle background lighting illuminating and accenting its features. These can also help to deter crime, as additional lighting can make your house a less attractive target, especially in conjunction with other security improvements. Outdoor lighting doesn’t just have to be accent though, you can also install larger light systems for things like outdoor parties. When doing this, make sure you do some research on things like the color and brightness of the different lights. When lighting outdoors, it is nearly always better to use smaller lights distributed over an area, rather than a few larger bright ones. This creates a soothing, relaxed, evenly lit backdrop in which you can relax easily.

Security Cameras

Security cameras have become much more affordable in recent years, and more people than ever are deciding to purchase them. For an experienced electrician, the installation can be done very quickly, and you will have the tools to keep your family safe. Security cameras can perform a variety of different functions depending on your situation. Obviously, they can serve as a deterrent, as a potential criminal might think twice when he realizes he will be on camera. They can also serve as a legal aid. Someone run into your car in the middle of the night and drive off? Your cameras saw the whole thing. Similarly, if there is an altercation on your property, you will be able to demonstrate that you are not at fault if something goes wrong. Finally, they can be used for other much simpler things, such as checking that your children have returned from school safely. Before consulting an electrician, have a good idea of what you want your security system to do, and they will likely be able to ensure that you have a strong electrical system to support that.

Miscellaneous outdoor power needs

Depending on your situation, your outdoor power needs can vary significantly. However, at bare minimum, you should always ensure that your houses outdoor power outlets are functioning. Most people don’t use them particularly frequently, but there are few things more frustrating than finally finding an outlet which your extension cord will reach, only to discover that the outlet is not functioning. Outdoor outlets are built to be more rugged, but they also end up being neglected and abused more often than other outlets. Whether it’s a power tool, landscaping implement, or something else, making sure your outdoor outlets work is something you will be glad you did the next time you go to use one.

Another thing you should ensure your electrical system is capable of, is the installation of a sprinkler system. If you have a lawn, modern monitoring and control software can hep you to save water, and use your resources efficiently.

Nearly all of these improvements have a single thing in common. They all make your house appear more appealing in its first impression. Seeing your happy and attractive home as you come home everyday will provide a boost in your mood, but it isn’t only for you. If you ever look to sell the house, one of the major things that people focus on is increasing the curb appeal of their property. You want a house that people pull up in front of and instantly fall in love with. If you can impress visitors by making a good first impression, you will greatly increase your chances of not only making the sale, but getting competitive offers, allowing you to sell quickly and for what the property is worth.

So, if you are investing some money in cleaning the exterior of your property up, use these few ideas for some basic yet effective ways to make your house safer, more attractive, and more valuable. You will not regret it.

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