Keep the holidays merry – not shocking!

Be aware and safe by following these tips to ensure that your holidays are merry and bright – NOT shocking!

Check the wires for fraying or cracking. Don’t use these, just toss them so you don’t risk a fire.

Don’t go overboard. Be careful of overloading a circuit breaker or an extension cord.

Use outdoor rated extension cords, not indoor power strips.

Turn off the indoor lights before hitting the hay. Or use a timer so you don’t have to think about it every evening.

Check the pathways outside that cords aren’t strung across them. We don’t want guests tripping on them.

Use clips to hang lights instead of nails or tacks.

When you are checking a strand of lights and replacing bulbs unplug it before messing with wires.

When connecting strands together, only connect as many as the manufacturer recommends.


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