HVAC systems: Installation and Repair

As the summer heat approaches, having a functional and efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), can be more a necessity than a convenience. Every year, heat waves cost lives, and making sure that you can properly regulate your home temperature will give you peace of mind and comfort. Additionally, ensuring that your system is up to date can help save you money by decreasing your power bill.
When looking to install or repair an HVAC system, there will be a few steps to take. First, a contractor should come and examine the current system. Whether you have an old one, a broken one, or a relatively new one, getting an idea of the situation will help you to make projections about the cost of any improvements. For example, if all of the duct work is done, and your electrical system can handle a unit, installation can be quick and relatively inexpensive. However, if you need to have your ducts replaced or extended, this could require a good bit of work from a contractor. Additionally, you need to ensure that your electrical supply is sufficient for an appliance with such a high demand. Shoehorning it onto an existing circuit will certainly cause problems, as such large appliances should be on their own circuits.
Not all of the work done to install an HVAC system will need to be done by a qualified electrician, but all work should be done by a competent and licenced contractor. An electrician can be a great place to start looking for estimates, however, as they will be able to look at some of the more expensive parts of the process and assess what will need to be done.
Once you have had your current situation examined, figure out what the next steps are. Do you need to buy a new HVAC unit? If you do not have one, or yours is over 15 years old, you almost certainly will need a new one. Finding the right unit for you will take some research. Look up and compare prices across brands and from several sources. Finding a good deal here is a good way to save some money. However, don’t just buy the cheapest option. Sometimes cheap options will end up costing more in the long run, whether it be for maintenance or because they are less efficient than pricier alternatives.
Then, move on to planning the install. Before your unit arrives, try to have much of the work completed. The installation of a new circuit is a common step that must be taken before installation. And once your unit arrives, you will want to have it in its place and running as quickly as possible. So hire your electrician and contractor, and ensure that your house is ready for the new system. Additionally, make sure that all of your ducts are functioning and clean. Using old ducts which are in poor condition can mean huge losses in efficiency for your system. It wont help you to install a top of the line expensive central air conditioner if your ducts cause all of the cold air to leak out into your walls or the outside. While this work may be doable by yourself, having an experienced contractor who will be able to tell where the duct work is, how to assess its quality, and what it would cost to fix it will save you a lot of headache.
If you are repairing an older unit, you will need to do a different series of calculations. Older units are usually less efficient than newer ones, so don’t forget to include the cost of electricity. Moving heat can be very expensive energetically, so a small decrease in efficiency could mean large losses over time. Therefore, make sure to factor in the cost of the repair, the expected life of your current unit, electrical costs, the speed and efficiency at which it runs, and more. In this scenario, an electrician with experience repairing appliances will be your best bet for getting an accurate estimate for the repair.
Using a licensed electrician and contractor for these projects is critical. Not only will it prevent you from damaging your system or your house, but you will avoid problems you didnt even know existed. Some areas require permitting for this type of work, and a licensed and reputable contractor will always take care of this for you. Their experience will let them manouver all red tape, and give you the easiest experience possible. When quality work is done, you will not have to think about it for a long time. When amateurs work, problems often arise, now or later.
So, get on those repairs sooner rather than later. As the year heats up, it will only become more and more inconvenient for you to figure out ways to stay cool. Installing a new efficient system can help you save energy, stay at a comfortable temperature, and be healthy.

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