Have Fun With Smart Lighting!

You don’t have to have a “fancy” newer home or deep pockets to start dabbling in smart lighting. The market is opening up for simpler solutions that don’t require expensive rewiring or even Wi-Fi. So, for those who are intrigued by lighting automation and wireless control, we want to introduce you to some fun and affordable options.

Lutron is a trusted brand that has been at the forefront of smart lighting innovation. We’ve installed their dimmers for years. But now, they’ve got an expanded line of products we are very excited about that makes smart features more accessible to the average homeowner. Caséta wireless products by Lutron are affordable, easy to install, and let you control much more than lighting!

Need a Light Switch at the Top of the Stairs?

In older homes, it’s fairly common to have a light switch at the bottom of the stairs, but no way to turn it off when you reach the top! Traditionally, electricians would solve that problem by installing a 3-way switch at the top of the stairs that was physically tied into the wiring of the original switch at the bottom of the stairs. Since rewiring can be costly, many people simply choose to deal with it as-is.

Today, however, it’s possible to replace the original switch with one that has wireless technology inside. If a Caséta switch is installed at the bottom of the stairs, for example, it can be controlled remotely from anywhere you want! The Pico Smart Remote can be mounted to any surface without any holes or wires…or not mounted at all if you want it to move around with you. Here’s the simple process:

  1. Replace your current switch with a Caséta Smart Dimmer.
  2. Pair the dimmer to a Pico Smart Remote.
  3. Mount (or don’t mount) the Pico Smart Remote where you don’t currently have a switch.

Control Your Lighting From Anywhere

Since one Pico Smart Remote can be connected to multiple switches or devices, they can do more than create a wireless 3-way connection where there wasn’t one before. They can be used to create preset lighting conditions where lights can be turned on, off, or dimmed in tandem. You can control that lighting setting with the Pico Smart Remote or through the Lutron app. It’s pretty convenient to be able to just check your phone to see if you remembered to turn off the lights.

Do You Already Have Smart Devices?

Okay, so here is one of the coolest things about the Caséta line. Lutron has partnered with many of the biggest names in home automation so that you can control all those devices through the Lutron app, the Pico Smart Remote, or even your favorite voice assistant. With their Smart Hub, you can control everything in one place. You can pair it with lights, cameras, voice assistants, thermostats, fans, shades, audio, and more. And it doesn’t rely on your Wi-Fi!

Lutron Partners:

      • Amazon Alexa
      • Google Assistant
      • Apple Home
      • Apple Watch™
      • Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats
      • Sonos
      • Hunter Ceiling Fans
      • Ring
      • And Many More!

Plug & Play Smart Devices

While you may want an electrician to replace traditional switches in your home with smart ones, some devices can simply be plugged in and are ready to go!

Lamp-Dimming Smart Plug: Caséta makes a lamp-dimming smart plug that could not be simpler to use. You just plug the smart plug into an outlet and plug your lamps into it. You’ll be able to turn the lamps on and off as well as dim them to the light level you prefer.

Outdoor Smart Plug: There is another plug-and-play Caséta device that lets you control your landscape lighting like a pro. The Outdoor Smart Plug can be plugged into a GFCI outlet. Then, it can be turned on or off remotely with a Pico Smart Remote or even programmed to do it automatically.

Ready to Add Smart Lighting to Your Home?

We realize that this post may sound like an ad for Lutron, but that wasn’t our intention. We are just truly excited about these new products from a brand we trust. We love that they can make lighting control a possibility for those typically priced out of that arena. Because the system can be built à la carte, homeowners can try it out, one device at a time, to make sure they like it before committing to a more comprehensive setup.

If want to add smart switches to your home, we can help you choose the right product(s) for your situation and install them with minimal interruption to your household. Contact Us for more information!

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