Going Green Around the Globe

Developing and implementing greener, cleaner means of energy production is on a world-wide priority list. Check out some awesome advancements in green energy progression around the globe:

* Opposites Attract: Solar energy and crude oil might seem like opposite ends of the green spectrum, but developments are being made to use solar energy during the extraction process of fossil fuiel, which extends the economic life of aging oil fields.

* The sun and the sea: A Japanese solar energy solutions company is working on a system that would install giant solar-panels for sails to power ocean-going ships and vessels.

* Riding the wind: Wind Explorer, which is a light-weight vehicle powered by wind-generated electricity and a large kite, has successfully traveled across Australia.

* 20th Century Fox has gone green: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation has instaled a solar power system at their headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

(source: Energy Matters)

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