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Generator Installation Service

Generator Installation Service

Emergency Generator Installation

Bray Electrical Services takes care of your Generator Installation Service from purchase to install and maintenance.. We guide you in every step from the selection of the best generator for your needs to maintenance and emergency repairs. Request now a free quote, and our customer service will gladly help you find the best solution for you, your property or business.

Backup Generators For Your Atlanta Home

Power generators bring electrical current where it is not there or where it suddenly fails. Because they work thanks to components that transform mechanical energy into alternating direct current, different models adapt to various needs.

Depending on the user, location, and their needs to receive energy, we can suggest several options. It may be necessary to install a continuous service generator set, an emergency generator, or, if the user requires an increase in available power or an increase in service continuity, it is possible to set in parallel two or more generators together.

Parallel generators are more reliable and have the purpose of eliminating every single fault. After years of experience, we know the most appropriate backup generators for our customers. Just tell us your needs, and we will be able to advise you on the most convenient, reliable, and safe solution.

Bray Electrical Services allows you to invest in cost-effective generator sets, with a careful maintenance program for perfect maintenance over time and prevention of failures and malfunctions.

Guiding Our Customers For Over 70 Years

Bray Electrical Services rely on a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements. We like to put our customers in the center of our attention before we suggest what we think is the best solution for them. Our company has provided numerous residential and commercial services. Thus, we approach each generator installation with an inspection of the site.

A home consultation will discuss the ideal spot of the generator by showing you all the details to protect you from safety hazards. Our services take care of this fundamental step to avoid any possible interference between the appliance and the satisfaction of our customers.

Once we find the available locations, we will sift through them to let you decide where you like it to be. A team of experts technicians will proceed with the generator installation at your preferred hours.

We provide quite a flexible scheduling of the generator installation procedure so that your family or employees will not be disturbed by our presence. The installation will connect the generator with a fuel line and the electrical system. Next, our technicians will perform testing to try out the appliances whenever it is more convenient, and the whole operation will end as smoothly as possible.


How much time do you need to install my new generator?

Ordinarily, our generator installation service will install the selected appliance(s) within 24 hours. We discuss the required time during the first inspection so that the customers can ease his or her mind, and be ok with the allotted time.

How much will I spend?

The price of a generator varies according to the customers’ needs. We will provide a free quote with no strings attached to let anyone receive our best proposal to meet any budget without compromising the quality of the generator.

Should I worry about repairs?

We discuss any guarantee and further assistance during our first meeting. We also provide emergency repairs for our customers, and you can contact us now to request our service.


Posted On 15 Jun , 2020

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