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An electric vehicle charging station, also known as an EV Charging Station, is the equipment used to charge an electric vehicle. If you have an electric vehicle, then it is prudent to install a charging station at home to keep your batteries charged for your next trip.

However, before installing the station at home, you need to follow certain procedures to ensure safety. Here are a few guidelines for successfully installing an electric vehicle charging station in your home.


Determine the Eligibility of Your Home

It is advisable to find out whether your home is eligible for a charger installation with your municipality. Also, let your electrician confirm that you have sufficient electrical service. It is important to confirm that you have sufficient electricity flowing into your home to support the EV charger. If you do not have enough supply, your electrician will help you in the upgrading process to ensure you have enough to support your EV charger.


Confirm Whether Your Electric Panel Is Able To Accept The EV Charger

When working with a qualified electrician, they will determine whether your electric panel can accommodate a circuit breaker for your charger. If it is not sufficient, the expert will help you expand that. When you are sure you have sufficient supply, you can choose a suitable charger for your home.


Find a Licensed Electrician

Installing an EV charger station is not a DIY project. This installation should be performed by a licensed electrician. Therefore, the first thing you need to do before you begin the process is to find a reliable electrician. A professional electrician who has completed the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program will help you protect your home and your vehicle during and after installation. Bray Electrical is also a Tesla Certified installer.

The expert will also help you determine the best-suited charger for your home. If you are a single-family homeowner, a level 2 charger is the best one to install in your garage or carport or even your driveway. The expert will help you decide the best place to install it.


Determine if an Electrical Permit is Needed

If necessary, make sure your electrician applies for your municipality's proper electrical permit. Once you are ready to install the charger, you will need an electrical safety officer to inspect the electrical work. They will help you know whether it is safe to connect to the supply source. Your electrician should understand the importance of completing the contractor consultation form after completing the installation process.


EV Charging Station Inspection

After the installation is complete, your municipality will have to inspect everything to ensure that installation is successful.

Contact Bray Electrical Services for an estimate. They will work with the following factors in mind as they carry out the installation.

  • Safety, which should be a top priority for EV charging station installation.
  • Compliance which is important to ensure your charger is fully certified before installation.
  • Cost, as you will need to enjoy the best EV charger installation from the most qualified electricians.
  • Service and Experience, as Bray Electrical Services have many years of experience providing professional electrical services to their clients.

Make sure the company you hire to provide you with the electrical services will carry out an end-to-end installation. If you are looking for qualified electricians, Bray Electrical Services will offer you the best quality service for your EV Charger Installation.

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