Electrical Switches and Outlets

Electrical Switches and Outlets Replacement & Repair

Most homes, offices and commercial building in and around Decatur, Georgia have lighting, devices and appliances installed. These are ultimately connected to Electrical Switches and Outlets.

Over a period of time, these switches or outlets may get damaged or malfunction. In many cases, the owners simply want to install new switches and outlets.

Bray Electrical Services is one of the top rated electrical contractors in Decatur. We offer a wide range range of services for repair and replacement of electrical outlets and switches. We also install the switches and outlets in new homes and for home remodels or home renovations.

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If there is a problem with your lighting, it will not work or the lights may flicker. Similarly devices and appliances may malfunction permanently, due to either too much power being sent to the device or to little.  In some cases, there may be a problem with the lighting, fan or other appliance connected to the electric switch. The other point of failure could be the outlet that you plug the device into.

The switch and outlet has metallic parts, which may get misaligned and not make proper contact. Or they may get corroded or broken. This can also lead to sparking, a burning smell. Improper or loose wiring is another reason why the outlet or switch malfunctions. Arcing is where the electricity is traveling through the air between contact points. This cause a slight burn to the contact and the open spark is a definite fire hazard.

Property owners should be aware that it is dangerous for an untrained person to try repairing the electrical problems, since there is always a risk that the person could get an electrical shock. Our staff is well trained in handling all kinds of electrical problems safely and efficiently.

We also have the latest diagnostic tools to identify the cause of the problem. Our staff will first check the electrical installation in the areas where a problem is observed. In case the wiring is loose or damaged, our technicians will connect the wiring properly, replacing the damaged wires if required.


In some cases, the electric switches and outlets may be damaged, broken, corroded and cannot be repaired. In this case, we recommend replacement of the switches and outlets. Depending on the connections for the switches and use of outlets, we may recommend replacement with the latest models available, having better features.

After the property owner, approves the replacement, our staff at Bray, will remove all the damaged switches, outlets carefully, without damaging the wall. The new switches or outlets will be connected to the wiring according to the existing electrical code and tested to ensure that they work properly.

New installation

In addition to installing the electrical outlets and switches and doing the wiring work, for newly constructed homes and buildings, we also can install new outlets, switches based on the requirement of the property owner. Home owners are always adding new appliances and lighting to their home as part of their home improvement projects.

Hence they may require additional electrical outlets and switches installed. We check the existing wiring and help finalize the location and rating of the new switches after consulting the property owner. We then procure and install these new electrical outlets and switches in specific areas and test the installation once it is complete.

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Richard M Review
Richard M.
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Bray Electric has done excellent work for us. Always on time, within the budget and perform quality work. Their rates are reasonable and the electricians are very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

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Amy E.
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Love Bray! We have used them on our house for a few different items and each time they are very professional and offer superb services. We highly recommend Bray for all electrical needs. Two thumbs up!

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