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electrical panel replacement

Electrical Panel Replacement

Have you been wondering about electrical panel replacement for your home or rental property? There are some indicators that signal to you that your electrical panel needs to be replaced.

When your electric panel is emitting a strong smell

It can be a common problem and ultra obvious when your electrical panel is emitting a strong smell that seems like something is burning. This usually indicates that the circuit breaker has gone bad. This strong smell can also provide the indication that a wire has become disconnected. These types of scenarios are regarded as being rather urgent. Therefore, in such cases, you should really immediately place a call to an electrician that is certified in order to prevent the occurrence of an electrical fire.

When the lights are flickering frequently

If your lights are tending to flicker on and off all too frequently when you are trying to relax and enjoy some quiet time at home after being busy as work all day, this is possibly related to the fact of something having become loose within the panel. In such cases, it is time for a new panel, which means that you will need electrical panel replacement services. Or another scenario may be that a wire has become disconnected from the panel. In such a case, you do need to rely on a qualified electrician to remedy this problem for you.

When you are putting upgraded appliances in your home

Maybe you sense that your appliances are not working as well as they should because they are older now, which means that you would like to upgrade many or all the appliances in your home. This translates to the fact that it is highly probable that you should also consider getting some upgrades to your electrical panel as well. Newer models of appliances engage in the usage of more amps, which thus makes it needful for a panel that is stronger in order to grant adequate support for the new appliances.

When there is the usage of many power strips

Perhaps you sense that your home does not possess an adequate number of outlets in order to accommodate the lava lamp, speakers, hair dryer, mini fridge and many other devices and appliances. Then you resort to the usage of power strips. The truth is that in many cases, this results in the electrical panel having to work in overdrive in order to provide accommodation for all the extra energy. Therefore, it would be beneficial to upgrade your electrical panel in this case

Schedule an Electrical Panel Replacement Inspection

If any of these conditions exist, or it you simply want to know if your panel is properly configured, contact Bray Electrical Services. Located in Decatur, Georgia, their team of experienced electricians will analyze the situation and if necessary, provide the electrical panel placement for you. We are the experts in doing electrical panel replacements. We realize that this entails dealing with high levels of voltage in regard to live energy. We know how to do this in a safe and professional manner. We ensure that your electrical panel will be able to accommodate the level of power you need for your home’s usage. We are here to provide the exact kind of reliable service that you need for your electrical panel replacement. Contact us today.

Posted On 15 Jun , 2020

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