Electric Cars

The proliferation of electric cars and rechargeable technology in recent years has led to massive public interest in electrical cars and the associated systems. Electrical vehicles are a topic of public interest because of how dependent Americans are on their vehicles, and by extension, oil. Since the advent of the automobile age, the dominant power source for cars has been gasoline. However, there is reason to believe that this might change in the near future.

Companies such as Tesla have made headlines in recent years with their production of desirable electrical vehicles. Historically, electric vehicles have suffered from a number of problems. Notably, they have had a rather short range, often around 60 miles per charge. However, some newer models have several hundred miles per charge. This is a large part in changing public perception about electric vehicles. Being able to commute distances on short notice is sometimes a reality of modern life, and that necessity has often precluded some individuals from being able to even consider an electric vehicle. The hope that electric vehicles will be able to meet that need means that more and more consumers will be able to consider an electric vehicle.

Electrical Car Viability

Additionally, electric cars have become more desirable due to a changing consumer mindset. Many people like the idea of not needing to go to a gas station. This is particularly understandable when pump prices skyrocket, and consumers end up shelling out hundreds of dollars to fill up their vehicles with gasoline. The thought of plugging in a vehicle when you get home, and never having to go wait in line to shell out dollars can be very appealing. Better charging technology has also increased this appeal. At 15+ hours to a full charge, most consumers will worry that their car will not be drivable when needed. However, a relatively simple charger installation can slash that time down to just a few hours. Level 1 chargers are 120 volts, and are basically just plugging into the wall. However, a level 2 charger can be installed quite quickly by a professional electrician. This 240v charger is what will enable you to get your charging time down to just a few hours. If you are considering getting an electric car, you should absolutely consult a trusted electrician to give you an estimate on the cost of installing a faster charger in your garage.

Environmental Impact

Another reason why electrical cars have become more desirable is that individuals are more conscious about their environmental impact than they used to be. The idea that our individual actions can, when taken together, impact the planet, has made many people take a look at their individual consumptions and carbon footprint. One of the areas where individuals have the largest impact, as well as the most amount of control, is in the vehicles they drive. And electric vehicles can be a great option for those looking to cut their emissions. While the cars need energy, and the energy may still be produced through polluting factories, this is not necessarily the case. Many states are moving their electrical grid to renewable sources such as wind, hydro, and solar. Additionally, when power is mass produced, it can often be done more efficiently than when every car has its own inefficient engine. Finally, the emissions produced from producing the power can be more easily reduced or recaptured if the power is all produced at one location, rather than coming out of a million different tailpipes. This environmental impact is a large part of why consumers are more interested in electrical vehicles.

Future Technology

This interest in electrical vehicles is also being noticed by major companies. Many of the worlds largest automobile manufacturers are increasing both the amount of research they are doing on electric vehicle technology, and their production of electric or partially electric vehicles. This is likely to have a synergistic effect on consumer interest, where greater availability and better technology increase the interest, which then leads to more production and innovation by auto makers.

A final factor which should be examined is the political pressure leading to greater adoption of electric vehicles. Many nations are passing laws or resolutions which set targets for the number of electric vehicles on the road. Most nations are looking to drastically increase their nations use of electric vehicles in the next decades. Automakers are also conscious of the governmental incentives to produce electric vehicles. As governments offer financial benefits to automakers and consumers to adopt electric vehicle technology, vehicles will only become more affordable and desirable to the average person. As an individual, the best thing that you can do is to examine your options, and to consider adopting an electric vehicle if it makes sense for you to do so. If it does, make sure to call an electrician that you trust to ensure that your system is prepared for charging your new car.



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