Does Wind Cause Flickering Lights In Your Home?

One somewhat uncommon, but potentially damaging scenario that we see is customers reporting that when wind blows, their lights flicker. This is usually caused by frayed wiring, and causes a short when the wires move under the influence of the wind. This causes the lights to flicker, and can be somewhat annoying. However, the main problem here is the short in your frayed wiring. This can potentially be extremely hazardous, and could end up meaning that you are at risk for an electrical fire.

Many homes have outdated electrical systems. These are often systems that were installed 30, 40, or even 50+ years ago. And not only have these systems been aging for a long time, some systems have gone decades without being serviced. There are two main problems that occur as a result of this neglect.

The first problem that occurs here is a result of wear and tear over time. Like every other component, electrical wiring systems will wear out over time. As they are used, experience exposure to the elements, power surges, rodents, and other potentially damaging factors, they will degrade. These exposures will mean that your wiring system becomes less reliable and more prone to causing hazards over time.

The second problem is when your electrical system no longer meets electrical code. As the electrical code changes over time, more and more requirements will have to be met. While you are not required to constantly update your house to meet the changing electrical code, if undergo any major renovations or changes, the additions will have to meet the current electrical code. Additionally, when selling the property, you may have to have it inspected, and if it does not meet electrical code, this could cause problems during the sale.

Therefore, if you are seeing your lights flicker during wind, it is critical that you immediately have it checked on. A trained electrician will be able to isolate the problem and find out where the potentially damaged wires are. This means that you will be able to solve the problem. If you ignore these problems, you could end up without insurance, and potentially dealing with a nasty and dangerous electrical fire. As electrical fires are one of the most common causes of property loss in the US, safeguarding against them is a critical step to take when looking to protect your investment and your physical health.


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