Commercial Electrical Systems

While homeowners and contractors always want to have a quality electrical system, the stakes are raised when it comes to commercial systems. A commercial system will be responsible for a heavier load, and the consequences of failure are far higher. Aside from the obvious negatives of lost productivity and poor customer impressions from a substandard electrical system, the damages done by a malfunction, fire, or surge can be orders of magnitude more expensive when dealing with commercial properties.
For commercial spaces which are rented to tenants, the owner of the building is likely responsible for maintaining the electrical system. A poor quality electrical system could land you in hot water three different ways. The first is from poor customer retention and negative reputation. If your system causes problems for your tenants, you can bet that those who are able to will leave. This leaves you with only the tenants in poor financial shape: not the best customers for long term service.
Secondly, If your systems are not up to code you could be in serious trouble come an inspection. Typically, professional and rented spaces are legally required to meet building code, and finding new tenants may not be allowed until your building meets standards. This legal problem could create a huge financial mess, where you face huge expenses with no way to make money until they are paid. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have private inspections done to ensure that your systems always meet the highest standard of quality.
Finally, poor quality electrical systems can lead to fires. If your property is lost or damaged in a fire and it is because you hired an untrained or low quality electrician, you could be out of luck on insurance. If you are found to be responsible for labor that does not meet proper safety standards, It is possible that a claim could be denied, leaving you without a property, and potentially with a lot of angry ex tenants.
If you are a tenant, you do not want to risk your systems and business in a place with a poor quality electrical system. Not only is it a sign that the managers cut corners and don’t understand the risks inherent with an electrical system, but it shows that they are willing to risk your business. If your systems are destroyed, if your data or products are lost, you will regret having ignored the signs that your building had a sub par electrical system.

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