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How to Buy a New Refrigerator

It is hard to imagine a world where day-to-day food preservation was more difficult than putting milk in the refrigerator. Yet, when people go to buy their fridge, they often opt for their fridge based on the price tag or extra features. This is a mistake because you get what you pay for, and many

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Posted On Mar 29, 2019

Parts of a Home Electrical System

How electricity gets to your electric appliances and gadgetries is a process taken for granted. That is because it was designed to be convenient. We don’t think about why our coffee maker works unless it doesn’t, and it is only when the power doesn’t work that we truly appreciate how it changes our lives. Understanding

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Posted On Mar 17, 2019

5 Reasons to Hire a Licensed Electrician

There are so many DIY projects out there, but electrical projects really shouldn’t fall under that category. Depending on your state, it may be legal for you to work on electrical projects in your own home, but it is really a crazy concept! If something goes wrong, somebody could get hurt. In a worst case

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Posted On Mar 15, 2019

Cold Weather Heater Maintenance

Your heat rarely goes out in the fall or spring even though it is being used, and some of that makes logical sense. You aren’t stressing your system during the temperate seasons. But when it goes out during a snow storm, it feels like there are deeper, darker forces at work. In reality, cold weather

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Posted On Feb 11, 2019

What does electricity do to the body?

Whenever the topic of electricity comes up, whether in social or professional life, a conversation about safety should not be far behind. Why is electricity dangerous? Electricity is dangerous because it is seeking a path to ground, and you may be in the way of that path. Electricity will seek the shortest route to the

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Posted On Feb 02, 2019

The Electrical Hazards of Teenagers

You love your teenager despite their ego, but their lack of common sense can be overwhelming. It isn’t that they don’t make their bed or put their laundry in the basket. It’s more about the fact that they can’t get themselves fed or dressed without parental guidance. Keeping them properly fed and clothed is part

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Posted On Jan 19, 2019

10 Reasons to Call an Electrician…and You Should

With all the DIYers out there showing people how to build and repair things around the home (and we love them!), people are increasingly doing things that they shouldn’t. Home electrical projects are dangerous, and if you are having an issue with your switches, lighting, plug-ins, or wiring in general, leave it up to a

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Posted On Jan 11, 2019

Dividing Utilities when Converting Basement to Rental

There are many things to consider prior to converting your basement to a rental unit. One of the first things is whether or not you can handle being a landlord. It is not always an easy road to travel. The extra income may be nice. However, the tenants may not respect your property. Furthermore, you

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Posted On Jan 03, 2019

Class C Fire Extinguishers for Electrical Fires

In the kitchen, water cannot fight all fires. That’s because most fires in the kitchen are electrical or grease fires, and water makes the effects of the fire worse. Grease Fires In the case of grease fires, splashing water on the fire simply displaces the flaming oil. It can spread the fire in an explosive

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Posted On Jan 03, 2019

Getting Power When You Are Living Off-the-Grid

It is an enticing endeavor to live off the grid and be totally independent as far as water and electricity goes. Technically, you can haul water from a well and do without electricity…heating and cooking from a fire and using an outhouse. Living off the grid is not typically meant to be similar to living

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Posted On Dec 30, 2018