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Justifying the Cost of a Professional Electrician

When you have any home repair or home installation project, the ability to DIY the project is a common thought. This is understandable, as it is expensive to hire a professional to do the work. Professionals have to charge extra money because they may have employees and definitely have other business expenses. On top of

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Posted On Jul 08, 2019

Air Conditioning without Ductwork: The Mini-Split

If you don’t already have ductwork, installing it through a remodel may not be the best option. There may not be enough space to get proper airflow, or you may have to lower ceilings and have obvious rectangular extrusions from your walls. If you can’t have ductwork, you can’t have central air! The tragedy! Don’t

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Posted On Jul 07, 2019

10 Places to Put Solar Power

The world is looking for clean energy solutions, and solar has been one of those solutions since 1973 when the first solar home was created. The last decade has given us many advancements in photovoltaics, and using solar has become commonplace. Now, people can get creative with their solar energy use. It’s not just for

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Posted On Jul 06, 2019

9 Home Electrical Eyesores and How to Fix Them

9 Home Electrical Eyesores and How to Fix Them Outdoor Electrical Meter Box The meter box on the side of your house is read once a month by the utility company. It is an eyesore for the rest of the month. At the very least, the metal box should be painted being careful only to

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Posted On Jun 28, 2019

10 Ways to Camouflage your Television

Here are 10 ways to camouflage your television, so it will blend into your decor. Lift Cabinet The new high-tech or smart home does not simply hang a television on the wall, and more often, one will see it disguised in a cabinet with a lift station. These lift stations can be purchased separately and

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Posted On Jun 23, 2019

10 Home Security Devices to Keep Your Stuff Safe

It is rare that you hear of people leaving their houses or car doors unlocked. We just don’t live in a crime-free world that allows us to be secure without locks. However, locks are no longer enough to keep away thieves. The news is constantly bombarding us with stories of package thefts and vandalism, so

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Posted On Jun 06, 2019

Measuring Home Energy Use

Renewable energy has been a huge topic in the tech world since climate change and scarcity of resources became increasingly understood. It is a problem of today and not a problem of tomorrow. Those who already use renewable energy as a primary or secondary source of power understand how important measuring home energy use is.

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Posted On May 29, 2019

10 Cell Phone Gadgets for Summer

Most people have a couple vacations planned for their summer, and even though vacations are supposed to be spent relaxing and disconnecting from the hubbub of life, we still bring our smartphones! They are our cameras for goodness sake! After you get over the fact that your smartphone will never leave your side (you could

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Posted On May 26, 2019

7 Common Mistakes of DIY Electricians

There are many parts of electrical installations that are simple, and practically anyone could do it. The problem lies in being able to do it safely, and this is where many DIYers fall short. Professionals are trained to safely install electrical fixtures. If you do it yourself, it may work, but it may also harm

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Posted On May 25, 2019

May is National Electrical Safety Month

The month of May is designated as National Electrical Safety Month by the Electrical Safety foundation International (ESFI). This year’s focus is on electrical safety during natural disasters. Storms, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on communities. They present opportunities for electrical hazards. Everything from downed power lines to bad mixes of

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Posted On May 17, 2019