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Consumer Devices that Drain Power in Standby Mode

Many people have heard the old adage, “turn it off when you’re not using it.” The advice is generally good. A device that is in standby mode every day for years can add a few dollars to the electrical bill. However, some devices have gotten a bad reputation for sucking power. Yet, new regulations demand

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Posted On Feb 20, 2017

Solar Trivia

In 40 minutes of daylight, the sun releases upon the Earth the amount of energy that is consumed by the entire population of the planet in an entire year. (source: The largest purchaser of Green Power, which includes solar, is the US Air Force. Over 80% of grid connected installations in 2003 took place in

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Posted On Feb 16, 2011

Fun Facts and Trivia

* One lightning bolt has enough electricity to service 200 000 homes.* The Brooklyn Bridge was the first bridge to be lit using electricity.* The first use of water to generate electricity was in 1882 on the Fox River, in the USA, which produced enough power to light two paper mills and a house.* $212

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Posted On Feb 01, 2011