energy efficiency

Measuring Home Energy Use

Renewable energy has been a huge topic in the tech world since climate change and scarcity of resources became increasingly understood. It is a problem of today and not a problem of tomorrow. Those who already use renewable energy as a primary or secondary source of power understand how important measuring home energy use is.

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The Renewable Energy of the Ocean

The Earth’s massive oceans have power that man cannot control. Thankfully, can be harnessed to make renewable energy in more ways than one. Osmotic Power: Osmosis is the process of equalization between one dilute solution and another less dilute solution through a semi-permeable membrane to create balance. Imagine you have one container of apple juice

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What is LEED Certification?

If you are looking for a home that does everything right for humanity or want to build a home that fits into that category, an LEED-certified home is where it’s at. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and their name is definitely appropriate. They are all about improving the design of homes

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The Microgrid

The Grid It is our electricity network. Fuel sources, power stations, substations, and power lines get electricity from its point of generation to the home. We take it for granted how easy it is to use electricity because of the grid. Americans are rarely concerned about electricity shortages. The microgrid could keep it that way.

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