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Electrical Repair Services During COVID-19


We know it’s a different world right now for you with the onset of COVID-19. It is for us too! We are engaged in extra safety measures to make sure you are safe We wear gloves, masks and booties We sanitize our tools between each home visit We maintain the 6’ social distancing We know

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Posted On May 07, 2020

5 Things to Do with Your Old TV Antenna

The large, metal, tree-like contraption on your roof has probably not been used for years. It is an eyesore, and you want it gone. But what do you do with it? It won’t fit in your garbage can. The local thrift store will not accept it as a donation. This is likely why many people

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Posted On Apr 26, 2019

Retrofitting vs. Replacing Light Fixtures

What is Retrofitting vs. Replacement? In most cases, people are turning to LED lighting solutions for energy efficiency and savings, but the cost of replacing all light fixtures in a home can be high, and it requires some electrical expertise. Replacing fixtures involves removing the old fixture and replacing it with an energy-efficient solution. Thankfully,

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Posted On Nov 24, 2018

Do you need an electrician to install a garbage disposal?

In today’s world of YouTube and DIYers, it is amazing that people in the maintenance and repair industry even exists. You can look up practically anything online, and even experts make how-to videos that negate (falsely) the need for expertise. Everyone wants to fix things themselves and save money. While this is admirable, sometimes it

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Posted On Nov 24, 2018

Is your House giving Hints that it’s Time for an Electrical Wiring Upgrade?

When your clothes dryer starts to deteriorate, it’s pretty obvious. Your clothes are not dried properly or the mechanism stops spinning. However, when your home wiring begins to deteriorate, it’s not immediately obvious. The wiring is hidden behind the walls for safety and convenience. It’s not easy to inspect or troubleshoot. Instead, homeowners can keep

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Posted On Mar 22, 2017

Electrifying a New Laundry Room

One home improvement that can increase the value of a home is a separate laundry room. Many potential home buyers have listed a separate laundry room as “must-have.” If your washer and dryer are currently located in a dingy basement, it may also be more convenient to relocate the appliances. Other than the cost of

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Posted On Mar 10, 2017

How to Design Practical Room Lighting

It can be exciting to update a room with new lighting fixtures and electrical outlets. There are a variety of options, including recessed lighting and floor lighting. Plus, updating an older home allows you to put electrical outlets where you’ll use them. A lighting and electrical system update can make a room feel more modern

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Posted On Mar 06, 2017

Stay Safe Near Downed Power Lines

Strong winds and vicious rain can occasionally send power lines to the ground. As the connection is disrupted, many homes can lose power and go dark. For this reason, it may be tempting to go and inspect the downed power lines. However, downed power lines are dangerous and should be handled by professionals with the

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Posted On Mar 01, 2017

How to Use Extension Cords Safely

Extension cords seem like a practical solution to many problems. Many people use extension cords to direct power to Christmas tree lights in the winter. Owner of older homes may use extension cords to supply power to parts of the home that are lacking outlets. While extension cords are a useful tool, they can cause

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Posted On Feb 27, 2017

Overloading Circuits: Fuse Boxes and Circuit Breakers

Most of us have experienced the lights suddenly going out. We’re ironing the laundry while toasting bread and heating up soup in the microwave. Then, suddenly, the lights go out. The toast remains bread and the iron cools down. What happened? In many cases, the home tripped a circuit breaker or blew a fuse. This

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Posted On Feb 22, 2017