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8 Outlet Installation Tools and Materials

If you are installing outlets yourself, you should already have a good amount of knowledge about running wires through the walls, electrical code, and no code requirements prohibiting your from doing so. You may be doing a DIY remodel and have the knowledge/ meet code requirements, and it can be a great way to save

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Posted On Apr 10, 2019

Making Things Smart

The world is in limbo between the way things used to be and…the smart way. Our phones are smart, our televisions are smart, and our cars are smart…unless they’re not. Many people now experience a lifestyle of voice-activated lights and smart speakers commanding the thermostat. However, most of us are in a transition period. It

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Posted On Mar 02, 2019

6 Ways Technology is Changing the Electrical Industry

The electrical industry is constantly changing, but the days of upgrading from fuses to breakers and knob-and-tube to Romex cables are quickly fading to a different sort of upgrades. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of wiring updates in the industry, but the whole concept of access to electricity is changing. We are

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Posted On Mar 01, 2019

Lower your Electric Bills with a Programmable Thermostat

Although people often turn to unplugging devices to lower their electric bill, one of the biggest consumers of electricity in a home is heating and cooling. Unfortunately, for many people, turning off the heat or the air conditioning is not an option. However, there is an option for maintaining a comfortable house and a lower

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Posted On Mar 30, 2017

Want to go Off-Grid? Three Reasons Not to Cut the Cord

With the advent of tiny homes and portable solar arrays, more people are opting to go “off-grid.” In many cases, these people have no ties to the grid. The entire energy source for their home is the solar array mounted on the roof. For some people, an off the grid system meets a personal desire

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Posted On Mar 24, 2017

How Fixed Charges Impact your Electric Bill

When you look at your electric bill, you expect to see lower costs associated with lower electricity usage. Unfortunately, this expectation is not always true. The bills should show two costs: the fixed cost associated delivering electricity and a cost per kilowatt. As homeowners and business owners upgrade to high efficiency light bulbs and better

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Posted On Mar 13, 2017

A New Way to Choose Lightbulbs

Twenty years ago, a customer walking into a home store would have an easy time selecting a lightbulb. The only options were incandescent bulbs, and the key was to match the wattage of the burned out bulb and the new bulb. Customers looking to replace light bulbs today are confronted by a barrage of options.

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Posted On Feb 17, 2017

Continuing Education the BRAY way!

It’s not shocking that you need to stay up to date on electrical trends, education and the most recent technology. Bray Electrical Services strives to be the best by offering continuing education opportunities for our staff. The class this week was about how to perform load calculations along with why it is important to know

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Posted On Feb 11, 2014

Going Green Around the Globe

Developing and implementing greener, cleaner means of energy production is on a world-wide priority list. Check out some awesome advancements in green energy progression around the globe: * Opposites Attract: Solar energy and crude oil might seem like opposite ends of the green spectrum, but developments are being made to use solar energy during the

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Posted On Mar 07, 2011