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What is Whole Home Surge Protection and How Do I Achieve It?

Preventing electrical surge damage has traditionally been left to the consumer to guess at what to do. Do you buy numerous surge protector strips? Do you spend time running around the house during a lightning storm unplugging everything in sight while putting yourself at risk for electrical shock? Or do you just do nothing and rely on your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover any surge losses that may occur? You do none of these; instead you protect your investments by preventing surge damage with surgeassure Whole Home Surge Protection. 

Whole Home Surge Protection cannot be achieved by “One Whole House Surge Protector”. In fact it requires a system of surge protectors working together. We refer to this as Zoned surge protection. Zoned surge protection is accomplished with the implementation of primary and secondary surge protectors. 

1. First, surge protectors are applied to the incoming electrical, cable/satellite, and telephone utility services to keep externally generated surges from entering your home. This is your primary surge protection. 

2. Then at key locations throughout the home, localized secondary protection is provided to safeguard against any residual surges from the main service and any internally generated surges. 

To apply this type of protection for your home, surgeassure™ developed Total Zone Protection, which consists of dividing the home into three protection zones: Main Zone, Interior Zone & Exterior Zone. Specialized surge protectors are designed for each zone location: Main Zone, Interior Zone and Exterior Zone.

Main Zone
Main Zone Protection stops surges before they enter the home and is the first line of defense. Applying these units knocks down high energy surges making the Interior and Exterior Zone protectors job easier. The Main Zone comes with a 10 year/$100,000 connected equipment warranty for “white appliances”. Refer to the warranty section of this site for detailed information on what is covered. All Main Zone protectors should be installed by a certified electrician.
Imagine a watermelon traveling inside a garden hose. That is exactly what happens when a power surge travels down the telephone/data or cable lines. Telephone and cable line surges suffer an overwhelming majority of all surge induced damages where the equipment was thought to be already protected but had a back door such as an unprotected modem or cable line. Network interface cards, in particular, can be destroyed by relatively mild spikes.
Point-of-use equipment incorporating cable/telephone protection is needed to protect sensitive equipment. However, these devices are not designed for or don’t utilize robust protection. Installing telephone and cable suppressors at the incoming line makes the point-of-use protector’s job easier.
Interior Zone
Insurance claim statistics show video equipment surge damage as the most common.  Our family of Interior Zone protectors reduces this possibility not only for video equipment but for home office, appliances, and other key items in your home. No longer will you have to run around the house to un-plug everything when there is a storm. Complete protection is achieved when Interior and Main Zone products are installed.
Exterior Zone
The Exterior Zone is the second stage of protection for your Air Conditioner, Pool equipment, and Irrigation controls from remnant surge voltages left over from the main panel, entering equipment outside your home.


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