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Thinking about going solar? There are tons of reasons to set a place for the sun at your proverbial table. As fuel and energy costs climb higher and higher, moving to a clean, sustainable energy source becomes more and more important for the earth and for your wallet. You can reduce your utility expenses and your carbon footprint. You may also qualify for federal and state incentive programs. Learn more about these incentives and rebates by visiting the Database of State Incentives for Renewables + Efficiency (or, DSIRE). Make sure don’t miss an opportunity for a rebate!

Did you know: Georgia is one of the few states that does NOT require someone to be a licensed electrical contractor to install a photovoltaic system. Keep yourself and your home or business safe, and only hire a licensed and insured professional for installation. At Bray Electrical Services, we’re proud to have two professionals on staff that are State of Georgia Class 2 unrestricted licensed electrical contractors. You can rest easy when a Bray Electrician has completed your installation. We honor our mission every day: installation with integrity.

Whether or not you choose Bray Electrical Services for your solar installation and integration, please make sure you choose a licensed and insured electrical contractor.

Posted On 24 Feb , 2011


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