An Ounce of Prevention


As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The truthfulness of this statement is particularly true the more important something is to us. And your electrical system ought to be very important to you. You might not notice just how much of your daily life revolves around the constant uninterrupted flow of electricity. It powers your computer, your appliances, your HVAC, and your Internet. You might cook with it, it keeps your food safe to eat, and it helps you wake up in the morning. Once it’s gone, you will absolutely notice it, and it can drastically impact your quality of life for the duration of its absence. So how do you avoid having this happen?

First, sometimes your power will go out as part of a larger event. It could be a local power outage as a result of some fault in the electrical grid. Occasionally, larger problems will cause massive faults, potentially disrupting the delivery of power to massive swaths of the country. But aside from installing a generator, there isn’t much you can do about these outages, except suffer through them. However, a faulty electric system could be responsible for quite a few problems, localized to your home.

Unexpected Outages

First, an old or poorly maintained electrical system can begin to fail. Loss of power, flickering lights, or other electrical oddities are all signs that your system might be on the brink of collapse. In this case, it is a great idea to get your system examined so that it can be repaired. But even if your system shows not signs of failing, you might still want an electrical inspection. If it has been a considerable time since your last inspection, it might be worth it for you to hire an electrician to ensure that things are running smoothly. Despite the fact that your system shows no signs of failure, you don’t actually know how it is doing without a trained electrician checking. Sometimes systems will go out with no warning, and because there was not recent inspection, the problem was not found until it was too late. If the power goes out, you are going to have to pay an electrician anyways to come and fix the problem, while also losing the productivity and convenience you would have had as a result of a functioning electrical system. In these scenarios, the cheap and easy option of having an electrician come examine your neglected system for problems has been replaced by the reality of a longer, more expensive, and incredibly inconvenient repair.


Power going out isn’t the only thing that can go wrong as a result of electrical mishaps. The most common accident caused by electrical issues is fire. The immense amount of energy your house has access to is a powerful too. You can power hundreds of electronic devices and appliances, and all of this energy is flowing through your wires. If you have an electrical problem, this energy might begin to discharge into other areas, such as whatever is surrounding your wires. This massive efflux of energy from the system results in the surroundings being exposed to a lot of heat. With enough heat, your house might light. This is potentially a much worse situation. A house fire could injure or kill you or a family member. This would be the absolute worst case scenario from an electrical failure. Alternatively, it could do something like destroy your property. Even if you are completely insured, It is still a massive inconvenience to be without your house for the period it will take to purchase a new one and get your payout from the insurer. Additionally, house fires often destroy other irreplaceable possessions. Memories, keepsakes, family photos, and valuables are among the possessions most often mourned after a house fire. No insurance company can replace things like that. And worse, if a family member or beloved pet is injured or killed, insurance can’t help you their either. The only thing that you can do to best protect yourself from one of these terrible situations is to be aware of your electrical system, and have it inspected every once and a while. How frequently an inspection is needed will vary, based on the age of the current system, local conditions, and several other factors which will influence the remaining lifespan of your electrical system. Either way, if you are realizing that your electrical system has not been examined recently, you might want to go ahead and schedule an examination. A small fee up front could end up saving you big in the long run. Call a local electrician you trust, and get the to come out and take a look as soon as possible. Protect your money       , your time, home, and your family.

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