Adding Lights to Increase Home Value

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to add lighting. Here are 5 reasons why lighting improvements can help to drive up the resell value of your home with a minimal investment.

Adding a circuit for light switches is a fairly simple electrical procedure for a skilled electrician. Depending on the current electrical capabilities of the house, you could pay as little as hundreds of dollars. And renovating lighting creates a powerful and lasting effect on the property.

If a room lacks dedicated indoor wiring, homeowners often use lamps to replace a normal lighting circuit. However, Lamps have the downsides of taking up space, being expensive, and hogging your outlets. Additionally, you may not have the convenience of turning the light on or off at the switch. Fumbling around in the dark corner of the room looking for a knob to illuminate the room isn’t a fun experience, and potential homebuyers will notice this.

Another big reason to spring for better lighting is that better lighting makes the entire room look better. When things are properly illuminated, all of the other improvements you may have made will shine and appear to be of higher quality.

A kind of lighting that is sometimes overlooked but that can seriously add to the overall look of a house is outdoor and accent lighting. Any savvy buyer will check out a home they are looking at during multiple times of the day and days of the week. When they stop by at night, this is an immediately evident improvement that makes your house safer, classier, and worth more.

Similarly, accent lighting inside can change the look of the house. Small lights on the stairs, or lights built into alcoves can illuminate art, create a cozy feeling, and can be a factor in completing the package.

Finally, adding light circuits can help you sell your home by being a record of electrical service. Potential homeowners are often wary of houses with electrical problems, and a recent electrical addition done by a skilled electrician can help to assuage their fears. This reminder that a licensed and qualified electrician has recently worked on the property can be huge. So if you are looking to sell your house soon, or simply want to increase its appeal, one of the best ways do that is to upgrade the lighting.

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