9 Household Robots You Might Need Now

If you remember the old cartoon, The Jetsons, then you probably remember that this family of the future had a robot maid named Rosie. She constantly cleaned the Jetsons’ home and is a comical figure throughout the animated series. The show was on in the 1960s and then made a reappearance in the 1980s, so Rosie was a very futuristic concept.

Having a robot in the home is no longer a futuristic idea, and robots are infiltrating homes all over the world. It’s not a hostile takeover, as most of these robots help to do singular chores like vacuuming or washing windows. However, robot assistants are able to do more complex tasks and may evolve to have more human-like traits. They may become like an additional household member one day. Take a look at these household robots, and you’ll see that Rosie the Robot Maid is nearly a reality.

Household Robots You Might Need Now

  1. FoldiMate:

If you want this robotic laundry folder, you’re going to have to get on the waiting list. FoldiMate actually works. You simply feed your laundry into its mouth, and out pops folded laundry! A dream come true, right? I’ll be more excited when you can dump an entire load of laundry into it instead of feeding each piece in individually, but it is still pretty awesome.

  1. Roomba:

Made by iRobot, the Roomba is steadily becoming a common household name. With set-it-and-forget-it capabilities, the Roomba is able to clean an entire floor of a house…at least the floor of it. It adapts to carpet, wood, tile, laminate…and pets! If you have a floor (and we’re pretty sure you do), there’s a Roomba for you. You don’t even have to charge your Roomba, as it dutifully returns to its charging station when finished.

  1. Robomow:

Your lawn can always be trimmed without the sacrifice of your leisure time if you get an automatic lawnmower. Just set up your perimeters, and Robomow will do the rest. There are safety features to prevent kids from getting hurt by accidentally turning it on, and Robomow can be used via smart speaker assistants such as Alexa.

  1. Winbot:

There actually are window cleaning robots, which is really nice when you have large or hard-to-reach windows. Just suction the Winbot onto your window (or mirror!), and it will map out the size of the window and commence cleaning. Once it is finished, it returns to its starting place. Then, you can move it to a different window.

  1. Grillbot:

Part of the price of grilling an amazing grill is the cleanup. The kitchen may have been spared, but the barbecue was not. Now, there’s a robot for that! Grillbot is rechargeable and the parts that need cleaned are dishwasher safe. Now you can join your friends and family when they eat instead of arriving late after a lengthy grate scrubbing.

  1. Vacpan:

The Vacpan is a powered dustpan. It may not fall under the classic definition of a robot, but this thing is just as useful. The Vacpan is installed underneath your counter, and you sweep your dust into it. It is connected to a central vac system, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. They can also be hooked up to shop vacs to get the same sucking power.

  1. Litter Robot:

Nobody likes cleaning the litter box, and if you wait too long, your whole house will remind you with its scent. That is why a litter robot is so great. It keeps your cat’s droppings in the trash, and you can just dump the bag periodically. Cat ownership doesn’t have to be a dirty litter box mess.

  1. Riley:

Riley is a home surveillance system, but he is so much more than that. Created by iPatrol, Riley serves as your eyes when you are home. You can direct him to monitor any area of the house and view it from your phone. You can set it to let you know if it detects motion, and it has a two-way communication feature. This one is worth checking out, and it’s only $144.95 on Amazon.

  1. Temi:

It’s hard not to notice that Temi is basically a tablet on wheels, but it is amazing what a tablet can do once it’s mobile. Temi also has a table on its backside, which means it can deliver things throughout the house or follow you while it plays music. This is the closest thing to an actual robot we have listed in this article, and it has many useful applications.

You may not think you need a robot in your life, and you’d be mistaken. Technology has given us many things to make life easier, which leaves lots of extra time to do the things you are truly passionate about. The future is here, so you might as well embrace it!

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