20 Luxurious Bathroom Electronic Gadgets

  1. Hair dryer/curling iron caddy:

One of the problems with electronic hair styling products is where to put them. Most of us have struggled with cords wrapped up messily around hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. There is actually an easy solution for this and it is to install a caddy. Installation of the caddy can happen within a sink door or on a wall beside plug-ins. Some caddies even have their own power strips, so you can plug in multiple tools to one outlet. Getting control over your cords is a huge stress-relief in the bathroom.

  1. Electric razor wall holder:

If you keep your razor in a cupboard or on the stand on your counter top, you’ve likely knocked it over a few times. If it has fallen on the floor, then you may have broken guards. This doesn’t happen if you get a wall holder. Your razor will have a place that isn’t in the way of everything else.

  1. Touch-free faucet:

Many public restroom managers/builders have already figured out that bathroom sinks can get gross. You touch the handles before you wash your hands, and therein lies the problem. This problem is solved with a touch-free faucet. There are multiple touch-free options available at local hardware and plumbing stores.

  1. Touch-free soap dispenser:

Like faucets, people have to touch the soap dispenser before they wash their hands. Therefore, providing a touch-free dispensing option is recommended. It’s also a fun feature when guests come over. Plus, they don’t have to touch your bar soap, which is always nice.

  1. Towel warmer:

Getting out of the shower is often a cold experience. You dry yourself off quickly, so you can pry your sticky limbs into shirts and pants. Not the case with a towel warmer. A towel warmer may be a towel rack that warms the towel or a warming drawer. Either way, you feel luxurious when you get out of the bath or shower with a warm towel.

  1. Hand dryer:

A hand dryer does require installation on a wall, but it is much nicer that keeping a grubby towel on a rack waiting for multiple uses. Home hand dryers are not like the industrial dryers of public restrooms, so don’t worry about looking too institutional.

  1. Shower speaker:

Singing in the shower is not a dying trend, so make it fun with a shower speaker. There are options that can be installed on the ceiling or portable options that can hook up via Bluetooth to your personal play list.

  1. Smart mirror w/ television:

Mirrors are not just smart with smart lighting features and features that can hook up to smart voice-enabled speakers. They can also contain television screens that will display your favorite show or game while you brush your teeth and get ready for the day.

  1. Smart diffuser:

Smart diffusers give the gift of moisture, scent, and lighting via the control of an app or voice-enabled speaker like Echo or Google Home.

  1. Lighted switches:

Ever stumble into the bathroom to find a switch? This does not occur with lighted switches that produce a warm glow when turned off, so you can find it during the night.

  1. Smart light/fan combo:

Just like smart diffusers, your ceiling light and fan can be controlled via voice control if you install a smart light/fan combo. This is very nice when the bathroom starts to get foggy while you are showering, and you realize you forgot to turn it on.

  1. Radiant heat:

Some projects are bigger than others, and radiant heat may have you tearing up tile. If you are already doing a remodel, now is the time to consider putting in radiant heat, so you don’t have to deal with cold floors when you step out of the shower.

  1. Self-cleaning toilet:

Modern toilets are equipped with many things such as self-cleaning, bidets, and warming seats. They are worth considering as an added luxury to your trip to the loo.

  1. Motion-sensor lights:

If you add motion sensor lights to your bathroom, you’ll never trip over whatever was left on the floor previously. You’ll also never have to search for the switch.

  1. Heat lamp:

When you consider changing your ceiling light and fan, consider installing a heat lamp too to keep that spa experience while you relax in the tub.

  1. Digital shower options:

You can add digital shower controls to your shower to precisely control temperature and water flow. It isn’t something you see very often, but it adds a ton of comfort to the shower experience.

  1. Shower television:

It seems like you can put a television anywhere, and the shower is no exception. Get caught up on the morning news while you scrub your hair and body, and you’ll be prepped for the day with all the news already delivered while you multi-tasked your morning.

  1. UV toothbrush holder:

A UV toothbrush hold keeps your toothbrushes clean while they sit, something that isn’t being done when you leave them in your medicine cabinet. They also look very stylish.

  1. Smart scale:

Tracking your weight loss has never been easier than with a smart scale that will connect your results to your smartphone, so you can track your progress from the palm of your hand.

  1. Spa/spa converter:

If you want to install a spa, you will not regret it, especially if you love to soak. However, a spa is a big commitment, and it may cost you a bit. Thankfully, there are spa converters that can be installed on the side of your tub to provide a similar experience.

Gadgets and bathrooms go together, and this list of 20 Luxurious Bathroom Electronic Gadgets should get your head spinning with some fun and exciting ways to enhance your bathroom experience.

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