20 Deck and Patio Lighting Ideas for the Perfect Summer

  1. Solar string lights:

Party lights are the simplest way to add festivity to your patio or deck, and they are not expensive. The downfall to traditional party lights is that they require an outlet. Modern string lights are solar-powered, so you can put them practically anywhere!

  1. Post lights:

Sometimes it is difficult to think of a place to mount light fixtures, and one attractive option is on your fence posts. Not only does this allow for artistic capping of your posts, but it provides a nice source of ambient light. Most post lights are solar powered.

  1. Strip lights:

One of the newest lighting trends is strip lighting because it can be literally stuck to anything, and it provides unique lighting. If placed under steps or counter tops, the environment around your deck or patio will glow.

  1. Solar-powered mini-LED lights:

This type of lighting is the type you see lining the walls of the fence or going down each step. They can be hardwired with light sensors to turn them on, and they are great for adding indirect light to any area. There are too many shapes and options to list here.

  1. Stair lights:

If nighttime entertaining is in your future, make sure your stairs are lit. Not only does it look nice, but it adds a safety feature to your home.

  1. Baluster lights:

You can light your rails and your stairs, but unique lighting is always an attractive lighting option. Baluster lighting provides light that may be more beautiful than it is functional, but it sets a good mood for the evening.

  1. Paver lights:

If your patio is made from pavers, you need to consider paver lights. They are the shape of a paver stone, but they light up. The end result is nothing short of magical.

  1. Well lights:

A lighting scheme for a deck or patio is very much like a decorating scheme, and every chance to enhance effects should be considered. One area that is often hidden instead of lit is window wells, but placing light in these wells can actually create a very nice glow.

  1. Rope lights:

Another inexpensive way to add whimsical lighting to your deck or patio is rope lighting. It can be wrapped around tree trunks or threaded among trellises. The lighting is not too bright but provides enough light to comfortably converse among friends and maneuver around the deck or patio without falling.

  1. Solar-powered LED umbrellas:

Patio table umbrellas have long been a source of lighting in the form of candles or small lighted object set upon the table. Now, solar-powered LED umbrellas are on the scene, and they are renovating the patio table lighting world.

  1. LED tiki lights:

Remember putting oil into tiki lights to burn? Remember the tiki lights catching fire or blowing out? This is no longer a problem with LED tiki lights, and you get the feeling of island life.

  1. Lanterns:

It used to be difficult to keep patio lanterns lit because you could only keep a tea light burning for so many hours, but with LEDs, this is not a problem! Even batteries will last through the night.

  1. Chandelier:

There is no reason not to consider indoor lighting for the outside as long as it is wired for outdoor safety. Outdoor chandeliers can elevate the style of a patio or deck, and they offer great overhead lighting for the table or seating area.

  1. Solar landscape lighting:

Solar landscape lighting has been around forever, but it is brighter and better than it used to be thanks to updated LED technology. Put them anywhere that could use a little light like flower beds and paths.

  1. Down lights:

If your patio or deck has a cover/roof, then down lighting may be the perfect option for lighting control. Not only is it convenient because it is hard-wired, but options for controls are expanded. It is easy to add dimmers and smart controls.

  1. Spotlights:

You may not think spotlights belong in your outdoor patio lighting design, but you might be wrong. Spotlights can shine up trees or on flags and add some importance to certain features in the area…maybe on a fountain perhaps?

  1. Submersible lights:

When lighting is used decoratively, it can be put anywhere, and submersible lights can be put in fountains or glass dishes to provide attractive lighting décor.

  1. Security lights:

Most of the lighting options we are writing about today are for regular or decorative use. However, one should not neglect security when planning lighting options, and a good PIR motion sensor light can add a lot of security.

  1. Lamps:

Like chandeliers, lamps can be added to outside seating arrangements to bring a little of the outside to the indoors. It adds the same comfortable light added to the comfort of the open air.

  1. Outdoor sconces:

Most houses have at least one outdoor sconce, so this isn’t a new idea. However, new sconce options have more variety, better lighting, and they are more efficient. It might be time for an upgrade.

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