15 Electrical Upgrades for the Gadget Guru

1. Vacuum Dustpan

If you have a central vacuum system, there’s no reason not to install a dustpan. The dustpan will be underneath cabinetry, and it will take care of all the crumbs you easily sweep up. It makes cleaning a breeze. No more dust lines from small particles that can’t be picked up with traditional dust pans.

2. Speaker System

With smart homes offering…everything, they must have quality sound systems. If you are looking to upgrade, install speakers in the walls and ceilings to keep them hidden but also get great surround sound. Smart speaker options allow for multi-room controls that can make your listening experience perfect.

3. USB Outlets

The world does not have to be full of plugs for random USB cables. Streamline your electronic accessories by installing USB outlets. They can be installed in tandem with regular outlets, and you can have access to charging everywhere. Wireless charging is the wave of the future, but who knows when it will be mainstream. USB outlets are an inexpensive and efficient interim option.

4. Smart Doorbell

In the smart home world, one of the greatest advantages is security. Security lights, video surveillance, and smart devices allow people to monitor their property and alert authorities quickly when something goes wrong. Smart doorbells are becoming a staple in this process. You can also communicate with people who show up when you aren’t home.

5. Wi-Fi Thermostat

A Wi-Fi thermostat may seem like a minor convenience, and they are. But think about it. Telling your lights to turn on with a smart speaker used to seem like an unnecessary luxury. It is now mainstream. Imagine being able to change the temperature in your home from the comfort of your couch during a movie.

6. Smart Light Switches

Smart light bulbs have made venturing into the smart home world easy. However, light fixtures that have multiple bulbs make smart bulbs a spendy proposition. Smart light switches are relatively inexpensive, and they can make your lights smart without multiple smart bulb purchases.

7. Panel Surge Protector

Panel surge protectors may not seem reminiscent of fun gadgetry, but they keep that gadgetry from failing. Protect your fun electric gadgets with a whole-home surge protector in your main electrical panel.

8. Lighted Outlet Covers

It is easy to add nighttime hallway lighting with lighted outlet covers. Lighted outlet covers can also add nice ambience to kitchen counters. The point is that they are very easy to install and do not require an electrician. There is no wiring needed. The way the covers snap in enables them to draw power from the outlet, and they are an easy way to add lighting to any area of the home.

9. Hard-wired Smoke Alarms

Where there is electrical, there are fire hazards. That is why smoke alarms are so essential to home security. However, they are often battery ran. If the batteries fail, the alarms will not work. That is why it is such a great option to hardwire the alarms with a battery backup. Ensure your alarm will have power by hardwiring it.

10. Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds make naturally lighting your home a breeze. Not only do you not have to deal with cords and crooked blinds, but you can control the lighting from the convenience of your handheld device. Motorized blinds can be set up to timers to adjust lighting according to needs.

12. Pantry/Cupboard Lights

As technology advances, luxuries become needs, and pantry lights are an excellent example of this evolution. Pantries sometimes even collect dust because they are neglected storage sites of the home. Not so with lights!

13. Heated and Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

When considering electrical upgrades, every room should be considered. For the bathroom, a lighted and heated mirror will do wonders to your viewing pleasure. The heat will keep your mirror defogged, and the light will be at the perfect height to give you a true view of your face before you present it to the world.

14. Automatic Cabinet Doors

If you haven’t seen the options for automatic cabinet doors, they are nothing short of spectacular. These doors retract into themselves, and they look hidden when closed. They are convenient, modern, and sleek due to their hidden effects.

15. Smart Locks

Smart locks ensure that you home is locked in a way that nobody can recreate a key…through your cell phone. There are many options available for smart locks including remote control features. You never have to wonder if your door is locked because you can look it up on the app!

Electrical upgrades are often boring but necessary. With these 15 electrical upgrades for the gadget guru, a person can add a little flare to their home with technologically advanced options that make the home a little more convenient and a little more secure.

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