10 Reasons You Need a Whole Home Audio System

You may be on the fence about investing in a whole home audio system, but technology advancements have made them worth every penny. If you need a little persuasion, read this list of 10 reasons you need a whole home audio system.

  1. Surround sound

Sound bars have really come a long ways in providing something that comes very close to surround sound, but it still misses the mark by a bit. Instead, having actual speakers around the room allows you to fully immerse yourself in games and movies. With the options available today, your whole home audio system can be installed in walls and ceilings, so it essentially takes up less space than a sound bar.

  1. Zone control

Getting a whole home sound system is better than just a surround sound system because it provides sound to the entire house. With zone control, you can play music in every room of the house, which really comes in handy when cleaning.

  1. Multi control

Multiple controls give you options to play different things in different rooms and set different volumes for different areas. The control options a varied, and you can pretty much do whatever you want…within reason. The difference between zone control and multi control is that you can play different things in different areas instead of simply turning on certain zones. It involves a bit more programming, but there are already apps set up for it.

  1. Intercom

If you have a voice-controlled speaker, then you may know how convenient it is to drop-in on someone or use intercom services. With a whole home audio system, this is integrated into each room where you want to have it.

  1. Wireless

You probably want to have your speakers hard wired, so you don’t constantly have to replace batteries. However, Bluetooth capabilities make running wires across the house unnecessary. It used to be that a person would have to go up into the roof, in a crawlspace, or fish wires through walls to get connected to the main receiver or control station. Not anymore! Now whole home audio systems are able to be set up wherever they can be powered up.

  1. Voice Control

There’s a fine line between a whole home audio system and a smart home system, but an audio system can be part of a smart home system. Voice control is one of those gray areas between a smart home system and simply an audio system. This isn’t about semantics. You want voice control! Again, if you have a Google Home or an Amazon Echo, you understand how convenient voice control is.

  1. Smart Speakers

Speaking of smart speakers, they can be integrated into your whole home audio system. This means, you can control your system by voice without installing any extra voice controls. You can also use any apps you have installed on these speakers to broadcast music or books throughout the home.

  1. Outdoor Sound

Having speakers outdoors is so much nicer than packing out a portable speaker and hooking it up to your smart phone, and the sound is much better. You may even be able to voice control the sound with your phone by using wake words and voice commands.

  1. Invisible

No. Whole home audio systems are not really invisible, but they aren’t exactly visible either. Speakers can be integrated into the wall or the ceiling, so you can’t even tell they are there. No more huge speakers doubling as end tables, and no more tiny speakers mounted to the wall. Everything is hidden, and it creates a very nice look.

  1. Personalized Preferences

Lastly, whole home audio systems allow you to personalize your audio experience, and they are versatile enough to get you exactly what you want. Wireless technology makes them able to be place nearly anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about extra installation costs to run wire. It’s relatively easy to get your whole home audio system installed with the latest technology.

If you are planning on investing in any type of sound system, consider going whole-home to optimize your experience. You’ll still get the amazing surround sound of traditional home theater systems, but you’ll also have the advantage of music in every room you enter.

If you have any doubts about whether this is the right option for you, do a little research. The options are practically endless, and you really can get just about anything you want insofar as it relates to sound. Impress your friends, family, and yourself by adding music to your whole home, even the exterior. Every moment you spend doing work with quality sounding music in the background will make that work go by fast, and every get together you have with friends will be elevated because of your whole home audio system.

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