10 Landscape Lighting Ideas that Will Make Your Fall Nights Magic

Putting in incredible landscape lighting can increase your curb appeal, but it can also transform the experience you have in your yard. Your fall nights will become magical under the area of glowing plants and lighted walkways. Your nights will be magical whether you stroll through your property or view it from the back deck.

10 Landscape Lighting Ideas that Will Make Your Fall Nights Magical

  1. Lamp Post

Traditional lamp posts can have an almost collegiate or academic feel. They also make your yard feel like a storybook…like when Mr. Tumnus meets Lucy in Narnia. There is a cozy and nostalgic feeling to these lights that elevate but also soften the night scenery.

If you don’t want to go traditional and prefer a modern look, lamp posts are available in this style too. They still provide an elevated look that feels accomplished and up-to-date. Pick a lamp post that fits your style or fits the look of your property. Either way, they provide functional night light for your land.

  1. Well Light

If you want to put your lighting solution into the ground, a well light is a good option. These lights often come with sturdy covers or grates, so they can be installed in the middle of the yard should the landscape design call for it. Well lights are perfect for up lighting in gardens or up the sides of buildings. They are sometimes installed with color changing options.

  1. Bullet Light

A bullet light is literally shaped like a bullet, and the wide, lighted end can be pointed up or down to give directional lighting. Objects such as trees or statues are typically lit with a light such as this.

  1. Recessed Step Light

Walking up the steps at night is no longer a fall risk because of recessed step lights, which remove the need for bright overhead lighting. Each step has one or two small lights that adequately lights the steps without taking away the magic of the night. In fact, step lights have become quite modern and stylish, or they can blend into any type of landscape design.

  1. Wash Light

A wash light is less of a specific light and more of a lighting technique. For example, you may reflect light off of a wall, which creates indirect lighting for an entire area. Instead of having one bulb providing light, the reflection of the light off the surface creates a glow that creates ambient lighting for any setting. This is more comfortable lighting for the eyes, and it can really highlight certain areas of your landscape.

  1. String Lights

Every night is more festive with string lights, which are lights strung across an area such as a patio or deck. Permanent or semi-permanent string light installations bring the party to the whole season with no worry about lighting every time you throw a barbecue.

  1. Submersible Lights

You’ve definitely seen submersible lights in swimming pools or fountains, and they turn an average water feature into a premium focal point in landscape design. These lights are often very similar to other landscape lighting options, but they are sealed differently and made with different materials to make sure they are water tight.

  1. Path Lights

Solar path lights have been popular for well over a decade, but low voltage path lights ensure that your lighting always works, and you don’t have to wait for it to be dark enough to turn them on. Path lights come in so many varieties, they are sure to fit any style and design. They add beauty and functional lighting to any pathway where they are installed.

  1. Sconces

Wall sconces are beautiful indoors because they create that wall wash effect that is desired on the outside of many homes. There is no reason you can’t have the exact same thing by installing sconces on the outside of your home or other exterior structure.

  1. Down Light

Down lights serve many purposes including lighting signs or water features. Their function is exactly like their name suggests, which is directing light downward. This can be very nice to light table areas without flooding the rest of the night with harsh light. Down lights also provide beautiful ambient light by focusing the light in one direction.

Landscape lighting is essential to landscape design, and your local electrician can help to make sure your low voltage options include every bell and whistle, so you don’t have any hassle, and your lights are always on when you want them to be on. There are many lighting solutions, such as smart features, that can put the control of your landscape lighting in the palm of your hand. Not only will your house be beautiful and have added curb appeal from your lighting, but you’ll enjoy the ambiance and the added safety that it creates.

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