10 Home Security Devices to Keep Your Stuff Safe

It is rare that you hear of people leaving their houses or car doors unlocked. We just don’t live in a crime-free world that allows us to be secure without locks. However, locks are no longer enough to keep away thieves. The news is constantly bombarding us with stories of package thefts and vandalism, so what can you do? Go with home security devices, and you’ll be able to monitor your home from afar as well as secure your belongs and deter would-be criminals from entering your property.

10 Home Security Devices to Keep Your Stuff Safe

  1. Ring

Ring is a video doorbell that connects to your smartphone. It allows you to answer the door with your phone since the doorbell is equipped with a speaker. It also allows you to see who is at your door because it is equipped with a camera. The camera is motion-activated and has infrared night vision, so you can see who approaches your door. Ring is a great way to deter package theft, as potential thieves can recognize that you have a Ring doorbell by its attractive but unique look.

  1. Motion-sensor security lights

Motion-sensor security lights are essential to home security because they light up your house. This can be a deterrent for criminal mischief, but it can also provide security in that you or your neighbors will be able to see what is happening. This lighting option allows you to have light when you need it, but it also will stay off when you don’t need it, so your neighbors can sleep.

  1. Security systems

There are multiple security systems that include many of the devices listed here in a cohesive unit that can be controlled with one program. Simplisafe, Arlo, and Nest are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to options. Often, these systems include security cameras, alarms, motion lights, and applications that make them easily accessible from your phone or a control station. Buying a total home security system is more expensive than individual components, but if you are going to eventually get everything, you can save money by buying it all at once.

  1. Security cameras

Security cameras can be combined with motion-sensor lighting to know exactly who enters your property. This may or may not deter thieves and vandals depending on how visible they are, but it will help you to catch them afterward and possibly get your belongings back.

  1. In-home delivery

If you purchase a lot of items from Amazon, but they are at risk of being taken from your front porch, you may want to opt for in-home delivery. Yes, Amazon will let its carriers into your home solely to place your item in your secure home. If this seems a little invasive, you can opt for in-garage delivery, which recently became available.

  1. Mailbox security

Locking mailboxes are a good way to keep your mail secure. There are smart sensors that can notify you when your mailbox has been opened. Ring also makes a mailbox security kit.

  1. Driveway alarm

If you have a long driveway, you may not notice someone entering your property until they are at your home. Driveway alarms will let you know someone is coming, and they can be set up for different sensitivities.

  1. Smart locks

If you can pay with your smartphone, then there’s no reason your phone shouldn’t unlock your front door. Other options for smart locks include voice activation and special privileges for certain people. You can control everything from your smart devices.

  1. Light timers

Part of protecting your home is making people think you are home, and when the lights are off, it’s a dead giveaway that nobody is home. This is why light timers can be an effective deterrent. Turning on and off lights throughout the house when you are not home gives the impression that someone is home. Leaving a car in the driveway can have a similar effect.

  1. Door and window enhancements

Bars on windows and doors are a bit much for some communities and an expected sight in other communities. Regardless of whether or not you are willing to bar the openings to your house, there are other options available to keep people out. For example, old doors should be replaced with doors that are properly supported, and windows should have effective locks. According to multiple interviews with felons who were convicted of theft, kicking in a door is a preferred method to break into a home because breaking windows can introduce the danger of sharp glass shards. Therefore, reinforcing the door is recommended with a dead bolt, strike box, and reinforcer plate.

Your home may not be a fortress, but it can become more fortress-like with these additions. Don’t let your home become the target of theft or vandalism. Invest in home security, and keep you and your belongings safe.

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