10 Home Projects to Finish Before Fall

Here is short list of things that are worth addressing before the cold hits.

  1. Security Lighting

The daylight hours are noticeably diminishing already, so make sure you have your security lighting installed before you are immersed in winter darkness. It’s not like we are in the northernmost part of the northern hemisphere, but it can seem like it if you have an 8-5 job. Security lights not only protect your property, but they give you ample lighting to come to and from your house in the early and later hours of the day.

Already have security lighting? Excellent! Your job is still not finished, but it is easier. Make sure you inspect your lighting before Daylight Savings ends. Check for broken bulbs or bulbs that are not in working order. Even if you have LED lighting, you may have bulbs that stop working. A quick inspection will ensure proper lighting without having to do any work in the dark.

  1. Sprinklers System

Depending on the type of grass you have, late summer may be a perfect time to install a sprinkler system because it is the time right before good growth for cool season grasses. This means your yard will repair itself quickly and not look like it just had a sprinkler system installed.

If you already have a sprinkler system, then think about the proper time to winterize, which is variable depending on in what part of the state you live. Make sure your pipes are cleared and properly insulated, or hire a professional to do it.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen

It is just too hot and muggy during late summer to start any big projects, but once it cools off, you can get busy on that outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted. If you are starting from scratch, you need a pretty detailed game plan. It is worth investing in a professional contractor because you’ll want to make sure your gas and electrical lines are properly installed underground, and you may even need a separate electrical panel.

For people who already have an outdoor kitchen, now may be the time to upgrade. Check out Labor Day deals on new built-in grills and cabinets. Maybe spring for a new outdoor television or upgraded lighting. The point is, fall weather can be perfect for this type of work, and you’ll be able to make use of it right away.

  1. Sidewalk Repairs

Cooler weather makes for a good time of year to pour concrete, so September or October are good times to do this. Temperatures alter the speed at which the concrete dries, so blazing hot or freezing cold temperatures are not ideal. If you’ve been putting off concrete repair on your sidewalks or driveways, it’s almost time to start getting it done.

  1. Prep Painting Projects

If you can stand the heat, then get out there and start sanding. August is generally not a good time to paint because of the heat, but you can start painting if you plan, so you are “chasing the shade.” However, prepping by sanding and removing loose dirt and paint is a great way to get your project started.

  1. Seal Windows

Whether you are weather stripping, caulking, or simply putting on storm windows, sealing your windows for winter is necessary to maintain a good temperature in older homes. Many people now have multiple panes and don’t need storm windows, and it’s a bit early for those anyway. But if it is weather stripping our caulking, this should have been done a while ago. It will help your air conditioning too!

  1. Clean Out the Tool Shed

Nobody likes the idea of cleaning out the tool shed. It seems like there are always some forgotten items that have sat too long and are now garbage or in need of a thorough cleaning. However, it feels so good to walk into a fresh storage shed and be able to find everything you need. It’s not a fun job, but starting it is the hardest part.

  1. Clean Your Chimney

Chimneys typically don’t get used throughout the summer, and if you have a wood burning fireplace, your chimney could need cleaning out. Creosote can build up at any time of the year the fireplace is used, but it’s not a problem if you aren’t using it. For safety’s sake, clean your chimney before you start using it again to reduce the risk of house fire.

  1. Clean Gutters

It may seem premature, but cleaning your gutters now can make it easier once fall leaves begin to fall. Any dirt and debris that has accumulated since the last time you cleaned the gutters will turn falling leaves into a mushy, muddy soup. But if you do a preemptive strike by cleaning out gutters now, you’ll only need to sweep them clean with one swipe of the hand in the fall.

  1. Inspect Heating System

The heating and air conditioning industry gets its most service calls when the seasons change. The air conditioner stops working when you need it as does the heater. Don’t wait in a long line of people waiting for their heating systems to get serviced. Do it ahead of time, and remain comfortable when it gets cold.

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