10 Cell Phone Gadgets for Summer

Most people have a couple vacations planned for their summer, and even though vacations are supposed to be spent relaxing and disconnecting from the hubbub of life, we still bring our smartphones! They are our cameras for goodness sake! After you get over the fact that your smartphone will never leave your side (you could turn it on airplane mode for the trip), consider these 10 gadgets to enhance your phone for the summer.

10 Cell Phone Gadgets for Summer

  1. Solar charging case

The biggest problem with all electronics is that their batteries only last so long. The second problem is probably the fact that they always seem to be running low when you really need them. This is why solar charging cases are the solution. Your phone can be charged anywhere! Check out your options when looking for a solar charging case. There are some that offer additional impact resistance and other multi-features (compasses, lights, etc.) that will make this a fun gadget.

  1. Amplifier

Yes, they now make amplifiers for your smartphone that basically work like the horn on a Victrola. There are many versions available, some more summer friendly than others. Ceramic, wood, and cardboard are a few options. These amplifiers are an interesting alternative to speakers.

  1. Bottle cap opener

Who doesn’t need a bottle cap opener on their smartphone? Summer pool parties or time spent out on the river are perfect for this phone addition. Beware of where you set your phone however. If these things get clogged, whatever is in them may get into your drink.

  1. Music stand

What’s summer without a little acoustic guitar or other portable instrument to bring live music to your feet? Paper music is practically a thing of the past, and your phone can be used to download almost every song imaginable. Now all you need is a place to put it. Thus, the music stand attachment for smartphones.

  1. Dog selfie stick

This is just funny. Most people have taken photos with their pets, but it’s pure luck if you can get them to look the right direction for the shot. In comes the dog selfie stick, and Fido is a photo shoot godsend. What is it? A tennis ball on top of your phone. I’m not sure that this cannot be homemade, but it’s genius either way.

  1. Thermometer

Your phone can be attached to a thermometer and used to read temperatures. While there are models available for humans to see if they are sick, summer is all about barbecues. Make sure your meat is off the “barbie” on time every time with a smartphone thermometer.

  1. Tripod

You’re gonna want to get some good shots of your summer adventures, and this will likely require a tripod at some point. Like solar chargers, there are many options for this one. Some have flexible legs, and almost all of them are very compact. You can fit them in a purse or light bag. While you are at is, invest in a remote so you don’t have to take so many selfies.

  1. Bluetooth speaker

A smartphone owner’s life is not complete without a Bluetooth speaker. They are really making these things rock! Not only is the sound incredible, but there are solar and waterproof versions. More importantly, most of them charge via USB cable.

  1. Lanyard

Having a lanyard for your smartphone is one of those holy cow ideas that you wish you had thought of before it came out on the market. It is so simple. No more asking people to wait while you set down your phone. Now, you can be hands-free and have your phone accessible. I wouldn’t try running with these though. You could hurt your phone and your face.

  1. Camp stove charger

If you haven’t seen the camp stove that converts heat to energy, you will be amazed at this new camping/smartphone gadget. It isn’t really just for cell phones, as this thing has an USB outlet. Not only can you cook food or boil water, but you can charge any of the multitude of chargeable devices you brought with you camping. It’s made by BioLite, and they are the exclusive producers of this awesome gadget…right now.

Complete Summer with Cellular Gadgetry

There is just something fun about gadgets, and when it comes to your smartphone, there are endless opportunities for gadget gurus. These 10 products not only keep your cell phone charged no matter where you are at, but they offer some fun and quirky additional abilities to your phone that you probably didn’t think you’d be using it for when you bought it. Get creative with your summer and buy some gadgets that will be handy, and you’ll have some conversation pieces when you are sitting around the campfire.

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