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Adding Electricity To Outbuildings

Improving the value and utility of your property can be done in many ways,  but one of the most popular is through developing the land on which the property sits. If you have space in your yard, adding things like detached garages, pools, and even sheds can substantially increase the value of the property. And

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Posted On Aug 24, 2018

Should I Upgrade My Home Electrical Panel?

When it comes to home electrical systems, one of the most visible and critical components is the electrical panel, or distribution board. Generally speaking, electrical panels are the main tool used in regulating the flow of power from the house’s main electrical connection and the individual circuits in your home. If your circuit breaker is

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Posted On Aug 20, 2018

Increasing Electrical Efficiency in Your Home

Energy conservation in the home can be much easier than in a professional setting. Because you are dealing with a much smaller number of individuals, you can more easily customize your power saving plan to fit all of your needs while preventing waste. Here are a few easy things that anyone can do to decrease

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Posted On Aug 12, 2018

Increasing Electrical Efficiency in a Corporate Setting

For many business owners, electrical costs are a constant annoyance. Fluctuations in the price of energy and In the amount of energy consumed can mean that your monthly electrical bill might be difficult to predict and budget for. And saving in the electrical bill can often go straight to improving your bottom line. So what

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Posted On Aug 10, 2018

When You Need To Bring Your Home Up to Code- Atlanta Electrical Safety

  For many homeowners, the electrical code (and building codes in general) are something of an enigma. Many people have a general understanding of the fact that there are sets of standards for building and renovating properties, but may not be certain about when the codes need to be followed, what happens when a building

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Posted On Aug 06, 2018

Reliability and Redundancy for Commercial Electrical System

For homeowners, their electrical system is mostly a luxury. Aside from temperature extremes, a short term power outage will not likely cause any serious problems. However, for business owners, interruptions to their electrical power supply could lead to serious problems. Depending on your margins and how much of the business relies on electricity, electrical interruptions

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Posted On Jul 30, 2018

Municipal Lighting Improvements: Lessons to Improve your Home

Unfortunately, local governments are not often known for making great decisions when it comes to financing improvements. However, the sheer number of different cities, towns, and other areas mean that the sample size for data gathering is immense. Combined with the fact that most pieces of information are available to the public, you can quickly

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Posted On Jul 30, 2018

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting is one of the most difficult yet underrated challenges of modern living. To those without experience, it can seem deceptively simple. However, the sheer amount of choices with consequences to be made mean that you may need to put considerable thought into ensuring that your home lighting not only fits your needs, but

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Posted On Jul 23, 2018

Protecting Your Home Electrical Devices

Electricians don’t typically build consumer electrical devices. Things like computers, HVAC systems, and household appliances are typically built by highly specialized engineers who work with that particular system. However, as they all run on electrical power and operate while connected to your home electrical system, we have certainly seen various ways in which they are

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Posted On Jul 20, 2018

Beat the Heat

With the heat of summer bearing down on us, there is no better time to go out of your way to make sure that you are ready to not just survive but live comfortably through the season. Your home likely has a number of different design features which are meant to give you the ability

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Posted On Jul 16, 2018