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7 Common Mistakes of DIY Electricians

There are many parts of electrical installations that are simple, and practically anyone could do it. The problem lies in being able to do it safely, and this is where many DIYers fall short. Professionals are trained to safely install electrical fixtures. If you do it yourself, it may work, but it may also harm

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Posted On May 25, 2019

May is National Electrical Safety Month

The month of May is designated as National Electrical Safety Month by the Electrical Safety foundation International (ESFI). This year’s focus is on electrical safety during natural disasters. Storms, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on communities. They present opportunities for electrical hazards. Everything from downed power lines to bad mixes of

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Posted On May 17, 2019

The Renewable Energy of the Ocean

The Earth’s massive oceans have power that man cannot control. Thankfully, can be harnessed to make renewable energy in more ways than one. Osmotic Power: Osmosis is the process of equalization between one dilute solution and another less dilute solution through a semi-permeable membrane to create balance. Imagine you have one container of apple juice

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Posted On May 13, 2019

What is LEED Certification?

If you are looking for a home that does everything right for humanity or want to build a home that fits into that category, an LEED-certified home is where it’s at. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and their name is definitely appropriate. They are all about improving the design of homes

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Posted On Apr 27, 2019

5 Things to Do with Your Old TV Antenna

The large, metal, tree-like contraption on your roof has probably not been used for years. It is an eyesore, and you want it gone. But what do you do with it? It won’t fit in your garbage can. The local thrift store will not accept it as a donation. This is likely why many people

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Posted On Apr 26, 2019

5 Too Cool Tools for the Home or Office

It can be difficult to fit every tool you want for your home or office into one tool kit. Unless you have a shop, there are just too many options to keep the number of items under control. This is why multi-tools and innovative products are the perfect items for “shopless” buildings. Here are a

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Posted On Apr 16, 2019

15 Electrical Upgrades for the Gadget Guru

1. Vacuum Dustpan If you have a central vacuum system, there’s no reason not to install a dustpan. The dustpan will be underneath cabinetry, and it will take care of all the crumbs you easily sweep up. It makes cleaning a breeze. No more dust lines from small particles that can’t be picked up with

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Posted On Apr 08, 2019

How to Buy a New Refrigerator

It is hard to imagine a world where day-to-day food preservation was more difficult than putting milk in the refrigerator. Yet, when people go to buy their fridge, they often opt for their fridge based on the price tag or extra features. This is a mistake because you get what you pay for, and many

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Posted On Mar 29, 2019

The tandem breaker vs. subpanel

When you add an appliance to a home or do a renovation that requires a significant electricity draw, you need to add a new circuit. This way you can avoid overloading your current circuits or entire home electrical system. This means heading down to your basement, storage room, or other out-of-sight location. This is where

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Posted On Mar 18, 2019

Parts of a Home Electrical System

How electricity gets to your electric appliances and gadgetries is a process taken for granted. That is because it was designed to be convenient. We don’t think about why our coffee maker works unless it doesn’t, and it is only when the power doesn’t work that we truly appreciate how it changes our lives. Understanding

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Posted On Mar 17, 2019