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Electrical Safety Checklist

For many homeowners and employers, their electrical system operates as a sort of black box. As long as things are working properly, they have a set of inputs, a set of expected outputs, and don’t know a whole lot about what is going on inside. This can be for good reason. Electrical systems can be

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Posted On Oct 16, 2017

Make your house a home

The longer you live in a specific place, the more opportunity you will have to become familiar with its quirks. The small changes made as you improve aspects of your home, and the little parts of the residence you ignore all become an integral part of the experience. Whether it is that sticky door that

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Posted On Oct 09, 2017

Finding the Right Electrician for the Job

Electricians have a variety of different responsibilities and duties. While some things will be applicable across the trade, it is important to make sure that you hire someone who will be able to help with your specific electrical needs. Ill give a few examples of some of the ways that the way a problem is

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Posted On Oct 02, 2017

5 Important Electrical Innovations

The world we live in is constantly evolving. And fewer things change as rapidly as the technologies we use to live more comfortably and safely. While advances in things like medicine and transportation can be exciting and are often the focus of news reports, there are also less noticed innovations constantly being made in every

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Posted On Sep 25, 2017

Your Electric System During a Flood

Electrical systems are highly vulnerable to flooding and water. The intrusion of even small amounts of water into electrical components not designed for operation in wet environments can cause a variety of damages, from the destruction of the component, to fires or the risk of uncontrolled electric discharge. With many floods on the news lately,

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Posted On Sep 18, 2017

Electricity is the Future

Electricity is an integral part of the modern world. While it has grown tremendously since it was first discovered, and our understanding of it has allowed us many comforts and benefits, many believe that it will continue to become a more and more integral part of our lives. When electricity was initially introduced to the

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Posted On Sep 10, 2017

Dealing With An Electrical Fire

Ideally, your electrical system will be well maintained and safe. Frequent maintenance, paying attention to warning signs, and making sure that all electrical work is done by a certified professional are all great ways to decrease your risk of having an electrical fire. However, electrical fires do occur sometimes. Making sure that you are prepared

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Posted On Sep 04, 2017

AC vs DC

  If you have spent some time around electrical devices, you are probably aware of the fact that there are multiple ways to transmit electricity over circuits. The two methods of electrical current transfer we use in most systems, are alternating current (AC), and direct current (DC). In case you are curious, ill give a

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Posted On Aug 30, 2017

Tracking Electrical Consumption in the Home

Over the last few decades, the number of appliances taking in energy and driving up your electric bill has increased dramatically. Not only do you need to worry about HVAC and refrigeration, but also computers, tablets, multiple televisions, smart devices, cameras, and more. Understanding which of your devices are consuming the most power can help

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Posted On Aug 21, 2017

Electrical Safety For Children

Electrical safety for adults can be relatively easy to teach. Aside from extreme situations such as flooding, natural disasters, or faulty electronics, most adults understand that they should be wary of electrical problems, and consult experts should a problem arise. However, children are more inquisitive and much more likely to inadvertently put themselves in a

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Posted On Aug 21, 2017