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Charge up your car at home!

It may surprise EV newbies to learn that an electric car’s charger is found on board the vehicle. It’s the equipment buried in the guts of the car that takes an AC source of juice from your house, and converts it to DC—so your car’s battery pack can be charged. This fact doesn’t stop nearly everybody

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Posted On Oct 14, 2014

BRAY is a Surge Assure installer!

What is Whole Home Surge Protection and How Do I Achieve It? Preventing electrical surge damage has traditionally been left to the consumer to guess at what to do. Do you buy numerous surge protector strips? Do you spend time running around the house during a lightning storm unplugging everything in sight while putting yourself

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Posted On Jul 17, 2014

Ceiling fans are a great choice!

Ceiling fans are a great choice for cooling a room without spending too much time and money.BRAY Electrical Services can assist in this task from start to finish. Call 404-378-1212 1. Choosing the right size fan for the room.The larger the room, the bigger the fan. Measure the longest wall in the room. If it

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Posted On Jul 17, 2014

Continuing Education the BRAY way!

It’s not shocking that you need to stay up to date on electrical trends, education and the most recent technology. Bray Electrical Services strives to be the best by offering continuing education opportunities for our staff. The class this week was about how to perform load calculations along with why it is important to know

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Posted On Feb 11, 2014

Electrical Home Inspection – Where to start?!

The Electrical Safety Foundation recommends an electrical home inspection on four conditions:  Upon purchasing a home.  When a home is 40 years or older. If an an appliance has been added. When a home has had a major renovation.  In any situation, a licensed electrician must perform the electrical inspection. Bray Electrical Services can perform

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Posted On Jan 29, 2014

Halloween Safety Tips

The National Retail Federation reports Halloween to be almost as popular as Christmas for consumers who display indoor and outdoor decorations. As you and your family prepare to celebrate Halloween with elaborate decorations, fun costumes, and candle lit displays, follow these electrical safety tips to help you and all your little trick-or-treaters remain safe. Always

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Posted On Oct 29, 2013

Going Green Around the Globe

Developing and implementing greener, cleaner means of energy production is on a world-wide priority list. Check out some awesome advancements in green energy progression around the globe: * Opposites Attract: Solar energy and crude oil might seem like opposite ends of the green spectrum, but developments are being made to use solar energy during the

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Posted On Mar 07, 2011