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An Ounce of Prevention

  As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The truthfulness of this statement is particularly true the more important something is to us. And your electrical system ought to be very important to you. You might not notice just how much of your daily life revolves around the

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Posted On Jul 22, 2017

3 Things Every Adult Should Know About Electricity

  The discovery and implementation of electricity in our lives is an amazing thing which has greatly increased our quality of life. But to many Americans, it is nearly as mysterious as when it was first introduced. What is electricity? How to we produce it? Why does it shock us? Demystifying this wonderful phenomenon is

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Posted On Jul 15, 2017

Rethink Your Home Inspection

Rethink Your Home Inspection   Home inspections are a normal part of the move. If you are selling a house, buying a house, or otherwise interested in the condition of a property, home inspections will absolutely be part of the process. And it makes sense. If you are going to spend a huge amount of

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Posted On Jul 14, 2017

Need Electrical Inspection?

There are a variety of reasons your home might require an electrical inspection. One of the more common ones is for insurance reasons. But why do homes require electrical inspections before they can be insured? When does this apply? And what can you do to make sure that your electrical inspection goes well? Over time,

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Posted On Jul 08, 2017

Power: Plant to Home

  For many Americans, power is simply what comes out of an outlet when they need it. In the modern world, most of the things which we need to survive are presented to us conveniently and ready for use. We enjoy meat without raising or slaughtering animals, we enjoy grain without ever setting foot in

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Posted On Jul 03, 2017

Appraising Electrical Damages

Whether it’s a home renovation gone wrong, a busted pipe, or a natural disaster, sometimes your electrical systems will be damaged. But no matter the extent of the damage, there will be universal steps that you should take to be safe, and get things repaired as quickly and cost effectively as possible. One of the

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Posted On Jul 01, 2017

HVAC systems: Installation and Repair

As the summer heat approaches, having a functional and efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), can be more a necessity than a convenience. Every year, heat waves cost lives, and making sure that you can properly regulate your home temperature will give you peace of mind and comfort. Additionally, ensuring that your system is

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Posted On Jun 24, 2017

Dealing with Your Breaker Box

For first time homeowners, the breaker box can be an intimidating responsibility. Understanding how it works, what its purpose is, and how to troubleshoot some of the common problems you might experience. The first thing you should understand about your breaker box is what it is designed to do. Circuit breakers are an electrical safety

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Posted On Jun 17, 2017

5 Common Electrical Mistakes

  Electrical systems are complex, ubiquitous, and can often need repairs or improvements. These three factors, when combined, lead to situations where individuals who are completely unqualified to do any electrical work end up attempting it. And more often than not, when this happens, it causes problems down the line. Here are 4 incredibly common

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Posted On Jun 17, 2017

What To Do With these Wires?

One of the most common calls we receive is from homeowners who have inadvertently damaged, exposed, or otherwise messed with the wiring of their house. This happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes the homeowner will have attempted a simple electric repair, and found that it was a lot harder than they expected. Sometimes it

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Posted On Jun 16, 2017