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15 Electrical Upgrades for the Gadget Guru

1. Vacuum Dustpan If you have a central vacuum system, there’s no reason not to install a dustpan. The dustpan will be underneath cabinetry, and it will take care of all the crumbs you easily sweep up. It makes cleaning a breeze. No more dust lines from small particles that can’t be picked up with

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Posted On Apr 08, 2019

Is Wireless Power a Possibility?

The biggest downfall to electricity is wires. Charging cables, power cords, and power lines have infiltrated our lives. If it’s not hanging overhead or showing beneath the furniture, it’s hidden underground or behind tacky disguise efforts. Yet, we accept our ugly wires and cords because they give us our needed power to run our lives.

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Posted On Mar 31, 2019

How to Buy a New Refrigerator

It is hard to imagine a world where day-to-day food preservation was more difficult than putting milk in the refrigerator. Yet, when people go to buy their fridge, they often opt for their fridge based on the price tag or extra features. This is a mistake because you get what you pay for, and many

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Posted On Mar 29, 2019

The tandem breaker vs. subpanel

When you add an appliance to a home or do a renovation that requires a significant electricity draw, you need to add a new circuit. This way you can avoid overloading your current circuits or entire home electrical system. This means heading down to your basement, storage room, or other out-of-sight location. This is where

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Posted On Mar 18, 2019

Parts of a Home Electrical System

How electricity gets to your electric appliances and gadgetries is a process taken for granted. That is because it was designed to be convenient. We don’t think about why our coffee maker works unless it doesn’t, and it is only when the power doesn’t work that we truly appreciate how it changes our lives. Understanding

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Posted On Mar 17, 2019

5 Reasons to Hire a Licensed Electrician

There are so many DIY projects out there, but electrical projects really shouldn’t fall under that category. Depending on your state, it may be legal for you to work on electrical projects in your own home, but it is really a crazy concept! If something goes wrong, somebody could get hurt. In a worst case

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Posted On Mar 15, 2019

Get Your House Ready for Warm Weather Bashes

After a long winter, the soul longs for some fun in the sun. One of the greatest ways to experience that fun is with friends. The greatest place to have that fun is in the comfort of your own back yard. Set your house up for successful outdoor barbeques and parties, and you’ll have endless

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Posted On Mar 10, 2019

Making Things Smart

The world is in limbo between the way things used to be and…the smart way. Our phones are smart, our televisions are smart, and our cars are smart…unless they’re not. Many people now experience a lifestyle of voice-activated lights and smart speakers commanding the thermostat. However, most of us are in a transition period. It

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Posted On Mar 02, 2019

6 Ways Technology is Changing the Electrical Industry

The electrical industry is constantly changing, but the days of upgrading from fuses to breakers and knob-and-tube to Romex cables are quickly fading to a different sort of upgrades. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of wiring updates in the industry, but the whole concept of access to electricity is changing. We are

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Posted On Mar 01, 2019

Electric vehicles convenient to charge

Human beings are creatures of habit, and we become comfortable with what is familiar. Unfortunately, familiar in one case comes in the form of gas guzzling vehicles that we use to get from one place to another even though there are alternatives that don’t require any physical exercise. While biking and walking are always healthy

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Posted On Feb 23, 2019