HVAC systems: Installation and Repair

As the summer heat approaches, having a functional and efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), can be more a necessity than a convenience. Every year, heat waves cost lives, and making sure that you can properly regulate your home temperature will give you peace of mind and comfort. Additionally, ensuring that your system is

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Posted On Jun 24, 2017

Dealing with Your Breaker Box

For first time homeowners, the breaker box can be an intimidating responsibility. Understanding how it works, what its purpose is, and how to troubleshoot some of the common problems you might experience. The first thing you should understand about your breaker box is what it is designed to do. Circuit breakers are an electrical safety

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Posted On Jun 17, 2017

5 Common Electrical Mistakes

  Electrical systems are complex, ubiquitous, and can often need repairs or improvements. These three factors, when combined, lead to situations where individuals who are completely unqualified to do any electrical work end up attempting it. And more often than not, when this happens, it causes problems down the line. Here are 4 incredibly common

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Posted On Jun 17, 2017

What To Do With these Wires?

One of the most common calls we receive is from homeowners who have inadvertently damaged, exposed, or otherwise messed with the wiring of their house. This happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes the homeowner will have attempted a simple electric repair, and found that it was a lot harder than they expected. Sometimes it

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Posted On Jun 16, 2017

Why Electronics Require Special Recycling

We have all heard of electronic recycling centers. But why is it that our electronic devices need to be recycled in special locations? And why do many normal landfills or other facilities reject electronic waste?   Electronics are often some of the shortest lived things which we buy. Not only do they frequently wear out

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Posted On Jun 10, 2017

What Projects Can You Do Yourself?

When you are struggling with electrical issues, calling an electrician can be daunting. We understand that. Electricity can be dangerous, and fooling around with something you do not fully understand can end up with you injured or dead. But, there are some simple electrical and related problems that you can solve by yourself. So how

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Posted On Jun 09, 2017

Adequate Outdoor Wiring?

While you may be perfectly happy with the state of your indoor wiring, many homeowners are frustrated with the position, quality, and reliability of their outdoor electrical systems. This includes outlets which are on the exterior of the house, outdoor lighting, and any other systems which rely on a supply of power such as pool

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Posted On Jun 08, 2017

Does Wind Cause Flickering Lights In Your Home?

One somewhat uncommon, but potentially damaging scenario that we see is customers reporting that when wind blows, their lights flicker. This is usually caused by frayed wiring, and causes a short when the wires move under the influence of the wind. This causes the lights to flicker, and can be somewhat annoying. However, the main

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Posted On Jun 03, 2017

Residential Solar Options

One popular choice homeowners are making nowadays is the installation of residential solar. Installing residential solar is increasing in viability, as panels become cheaper and more efficient. Additionally, depending on your state of residence and other factors, there may be government subsidies encouraging the installation of solar panels. However, there are many options available, and

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Posted On Jun 02, 2017