Quality, Affordable In-Town Atlanta Electricians Right Here In Decatur

Did you know: Lighting can account for 30% of your energy consumption. BRAY has extensive experience in lighting control and design, as well as whole-house dimming.

These techniques and installations can reduce your energy consumption each month.

From basic installation to complete rewiring, BRAY Electrical Services offers you over 70 years combined experience and a wide range of both residential and commercial services,  including:

  • general electrical
  • free estimates on installations
  • lightning protection
  • surge suppression
  • home inspection
  • implementation
  • LEED
  • residential construction
  • indoor/outdoor lighting
  • maintenance contracts
  • energy audits
  • monitoring
  • earthcraft
  • commercial application
  • electric car charging stations



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Michelle Bray

CEO & Owner

Walter Keller

Project Manager

Doty Wells

Office Manager

Mike Adams

Lead Electrician

Wayne Shipwash

Projects Lead Electrician

Nick Gnann

Lead Electrician

Dave James

Lead Electrician

Cesar Sanchez

Projects Lead Electrician

Luis Espinoza


Andy Holmes

Service Technician

Cora Bella

Office DIVA dog


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Electrical Services, Electricians, Residential Electrical Work
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Electrical Services, Electricians, Residential Electrical Work
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Bray Electrical Services,
P.O.Box 2900,Decatur,GA-30031,
Telephone No.404-378-1212
Atlanta, GA
BRAY Electrical Services works in all phases of residential and commercial electrical work and specializes in residential remodel as well as service and commercial. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, we happily provide service to all of the greater Atlanta metro area. We have State of Georgia Class 2 unrestricted licensed electrical contractors on staff.